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Eight people are indicted in the case of a massacre that killed two children in MG

The Civil Police of Minas Gerais indicted eight suspects for involvement in a massacre during a child’s birthday party in Ribeirão das Neves, metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte. The conclusion of the investigation was announced at a press conference this Tuesday (9).

Among the dead were two children, one aged 9 — who was the birthday girl — and another aged 11, and the birthday girl’s father, aged 26. Six other people, aged between 13 and 45, managed to survive the attack. The incident took place on the evening of May 23.

During the press conference, delegate Marcus Rios, from the Specialized Homicide Unit in Ribeirão das Neves, explained that the main target of the action was the 26-year-old man. According to the police, the young man was involved in drug trafficking in the Morro Alto region, in Vespasiano, in the greater Belo Horizonte area.

“The suspects arrived at the end of the party in two vehicles, with weapons capable of firing in burst mode, as confirmed by witnesses,” said the police chief when talking about the dynamics of the crime. “Although the 26-year-old man was the main target, the execution of other people with no connection to crime, including children, was not a mere mistake in execution. The hypothesis is that it was a targeted massacre,” explained Rios.

The Civil Police investigation points to the participation of at least two shooters in the massacre. According to the police chief, the children’s mothers reacted to protect their children. “Some of the surviving victims, such as the children’s mothers, reacted to protect them and hit the closest shooter with a broom handle and punches. However, a second suspect noticed this reaction and shot in their direction. The shots, however, did not hit them,” he said.

The police investigation showed that the crime was planned by two groups, one of the masterminds from Morro Alto and another who had been expelled from the region. “A few years ago, the victim had a disagreement with these individuals; there was friction between the three, with threats and attempted murders,” said Rios when describing the conflict that already existed between the man and the masterminds.

“Recently, the Morro Alto bosses began a partnership with the exiled individual. The plan was to bring the exiled drug trafficker back to Morro Alto, placing him in charge of the victim’s drug trafficking point,” reported the police chief.

For the police chief, this history of tension, together with the evidence collected during the investigation, reinforces the hypothesis that the brutality was part of the plan and was a message to others involved in crime in the region. “We even obtained both subjective evidence for this hypothesis, through witnesses, and expert evidence, such as the analysis of the gunshot wounds,” added Rios.

In total, the investigation of more than 400 pages indicted — based on their respective participation in the massacre — seven men and one woman, aged between 23 and 45. The group was indicted for the crimes of qualified homicide with a vile motive, a means that made it impossible for the offended parties and the victim, who was under 14 years old, to defend themselves.

One of the men was arrested on the day of the crime and two others had preventive arrest warrants served following a representation by the Civil Police.

Remember the case

A shooting at a children’s party left three people dead and three others injured on the night of last Thursday (23) in Ribeirão das Neves (MG), in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte.

Among the victims of the massacre were the birthday boy, aged 9, and his father, aged 26. The other child killed was aged 11.

A 13-year-old girl and two women, aged 19 and 41, were injured and taken to a local hospital. According to the Military Police, the victims’ families reported that the murdered man was involved in drug trafficking and had received death threats from local drug dealers.

The birthday girl’s mother told the police that one of the men entered the venue when the party was almost over and started shooting. The woman went towards the shooter and they started fighting, at which point another individual arrived and fired more shots.

The criminals then fled the scene. One of them, a 23-year-old man, was found at an Emergency Care Unit (UPA) in the neighboring city of Contagem with gunshot wounds and was charged with triple homicide. The other suspect has been identified but has not yet been arrested.

There is no information about the health status of the survivors.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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