Eighty yearning for Sanremo: 1983, the Anna Pettinelli Festival

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It is an all-female podium that conquers the Festival of 1983: third Dori Ghezzisecond Donatella Milani and first a stranger Tiziana Rivalewhich arrives in Sanremo after winning the competition Three voices for Sanremo Of Sunday In. For the first time, all Italians can vote for their favorite using the Totip coupons: it is Toto Cutugno with The Italian, however forced to stop in fifth place due to the votes of the other juries. To present the Festival is Andrew Jordanian with Isabel Russonova, Emmanuel Sickles And Anna Combsour guest of this episode.

Eighty yearning for Sanremo is a podcast by Vanity Fair in ten episodes, written and conducted by Federico Rocca And Andrew Tomasi. Each episode tells a year in the history of the Festival, from 1980 to 1989the decade that established the musical event as the most popular, followed and important television (and not only) moment of the year. Memories and anecdotes mingle with tales of an always different guestprotagonist on the Ariston stage in the year in question.

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To close each episode, the ranking of the three most memorable looks of the year entrusted to the stylist of the stars and creative director Nick Cerions.

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Tiziana Rivale. Ipa photo.

Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

Source: Vanity Fair

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