Eitan must return to Italy with her aunt

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Eitan Biran he must return to Italy. This is the decision of Judge Iris Ilotovich-Segal of the Tel Aviv Family Court. There judgment was issued today. The Israeli court ruled in favor of the paternal aunt in the case of the child, the only survivor of the Mottarone massacre, who had been brought to Tel Aviv by his grandfather. In Italy he had been entrusted to his aunt with whom he should now return.

“The grandfather removed the child from his usual place of residence” writes the judge, in the sentence arrived according to the times established by the Hague Convention on abducted minors. International law says that the child must return to what was his residence even with his parents, before the accident at the Mottarone cable car in which they lost their lives. Eitan will therefore have to return to Italy under the tutelage of his paternal aunt Aya Biran.

The execution times of the sentence are not clear, that is, whether the child will have to return immediately to Italy or whether the appeal will be awaited, which will almost certainly be presented to the Tel Aviv District Court by the lawyers of Shmuel Peleg. He is the maternal grandfather who on 11 September took his grandson from his uncles’ house in Pavia. The visit was agreed, but the man had then brought the baby to Switzerland and from there he had flown to Tel Aviv. All without the knowledge of the legal guardian appointed by the Italian court. The grandfather will also have to pay the court costs.

Eitan, six years old, survived the tragedy of the Mottarone cable car on 23 May. His father shielded him with his body. The man lost his life along with his wife and youngest son and the children’s great-grandparents. in which the mother, father, little brother and great-grandparents died. The fall of the cable car caused the death of 14 people in total.

The custody of the child has become a real war in the family. The maternal side and the paternal side have collided. Already in August the maternal aunt, Gali Peri, had claimed the right to custody of her nephew calling him “hostage”. “Eitan’s right is to live where her parents wanted her to grow up; as a Jew in a Jewish school, and not in a Catholic school in Italy, ”he said. The culmination of the clash came with the abduction of the minor.

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