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Election in France: See how the composition of Parliament was

In a twist, the French left won the most seats in France’s National Assembly in parliamentary elections on Sunday (7), defying poll expectations, but will fall short of an absolute majority.

The left-wing coalition won 182 seats. Emmanuel Macron’s center came in second place with 163 seats, and the far-right won 143 seats.

In the first round, Marine le Pen’s far-right party came out on top, prompting several parties to join forces to try to prevent the party from advancing.

Far-right leader acknowledges mistakes

The National Meeting (RN) made mistakes that led to its defeat in the second round, said Jordan Bardella, one of the party’s leaders, this Monday (8).

“Of course we always make mistakes, I made some, we all made some, and I take my share of responsibility for these results,” Bardella said, speaking to reporters outside the party’s headquarters in Paris.

Still, he stressed that the time for RN to come to power was only postponed.

Source: CNN Brasil

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