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Elections 2022: number of marriages in October drops by 50%, according to survey

Elections 2022: number of marriages in October drops by 50%, according to survey

With the beginning of spring, the new season of wedding parties in Brazil begins. October registers, on average, 89 thousand ceremonies, according to data from the Transparency Portal available since 2015. However, according to a survey by the platform Casamentos.com.br, the number of marriages that will be celebrated next month will be 50% lower . For research, elections are the reason.

The first round is scheduled for October 2nd and the eventual second round will be held on October 30th.

“There is a decrease in the number of weddings held on election weekends, as it is difficult to change the wedding date with all providers, mainly because couples organize the wedding, on average, a year in advance, when the dates of the elections have not yet been defined”, explains Aline Scarso, responsible for communication at Casamentos.com.br.

Although private events are allowed by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) on voting days, the election is pointed out as the main factor for reducing the choice of dates. For some couples, changing the day was not an option.

“There are couples in our engaged community, for example, who will get married in a different city from where they vote and have chosen to vote in transit. We also see that there is greater flexibility in relation to guests, who have already warned that they will have to arrive later or leave early because of the vote. It is possible to reconcile marriage and elections”, said Aline Scarso.

The TSE highlights that the legislation guarantees party employees the exercise of the right to vote. In other words, the workers and suppliers involved must be released to participate in the elections, if they so wish.

If the bride and groom or guests have been summoned to work as poll workers, it is possible to present a justification for non-attendance up to five days after the appointment. For those who missed the deadline, a new option is to go to the Electoral Court Registry with the documents proving the event within 30 days after the election. If the justification is not accepted, the person will have to pay a fine.

Source: CNN Brasil



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