Elections Germany: Reduces SPD lead

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The difference between the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Christian Democrats / Christian Socialists (CDU/CSU) has been reduced, according to the findings of one new poll for elections in Germany, which was conducted on behalf of the Bild newspaper by the INSA Institute.

More specifically, the percentage of the two sister conservative parties CDU / CSU is 22%, ie 1.5% more than the previous poll of the same newspaper, while the SPD in 25%, ie one percentage point less.

The percentage of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) is set at 11% and the Liberal Party (FDP) at 12%. Both have a reduction of 0.5%.

The percentage of the Left (Die Linke) remains constant at 6,5% and Greens (Die Gruenen) also stable at 15%.

The other parties bring it all together 8,5% (+0,5).

“The gap between the two major parties is narrowing. Both o Armin Lassett as well as Olaf Solts can become chancellors. “But Solz has more options to form a coalition government,” said the INSA leader. Herman Binkert to Bild commenting on the poll.

The above poll will be published in its entirety in tomorrow’s issue.

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