Elections in Canada: Third term for Trinto – “We received a clear mandate”

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THE The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trindade, 49, secured a third consecutive term in the early parliamentary elections held yesterday, Monday., without securing a majority of seats in parliament as he sought, but stressing that he believes voters have given him a “clear mandate” to govern.

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The charismatic Liberal leader – the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trinto – who has been in power since 2019, has decided to capitalize on his government’s good image in opinion polls because of the way he tackled the new coronavirus pandemic and call early elections. mid-August. However, he did not completely win the bet, at least in terms of his dimension of regaining a majority in parliament. Practically, he returned to the starting point after the difficult election campaign.

“You are sending us back to work with the clear mandate to lead Canada out of the pandemic and into brighter days,” Mr Trinto told a small crowd of supporters in a hotel room. “What we have seen today is that millions of Canadians have chosen a progressive plan.”

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CBC and CTV predicted that the Liberals would have the most seats in the House of Commons but not the 170-seat majority, meaning they would need the support of smaller factions to govern.

According to the election commission, the ruling party is securing 156 seats, one more than it had before the election, including 110 in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, where about half of the members of parliament are elected.

“Marmota Day Elections”

Gerald Bayer, a professor of political science at the University of British Columbia, spoke of “marmot day elections.”

The Conservatives lead in 122 constituencies and go on to win the popular vote, receiving 34% of the vote against 32% of the Liberals. The inconsistency is attributed to the fact that the ruling party secured more votes in urban centers and suburbs, which brought them more seats.

Center-right leader Erin O’Toole, who earlier acknowledged his defeat and said he “called and congratulated” Mr Trinto, said the Conservative vote was “positive” over the election. country “, but adding that” clearly we need to do more work to gain the trust of Canadians “. He added that he intends to remain the leader of the faction. “My family and I are firmly committed to continuing this journey to Canada,” he told supporters.

The Canadian dollar rose against the US in Asian foreign exchange markets after the result became known, as the Liberals’ victory seemed to reassure investors who anticipate that the policy of supporting the economy to overcome the impact of the new coronavirus pandemic will continue. a minority government of Justin Trinto.

In recent days, the prime minister has been urging voters to vote strategically, arguing that the return of conservatives to power would be synonymous with a setback for Canada, especially on the issue of climate change.

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