Elections in Canada: Victory but not a majority in the House for Justin Trinto Liberals

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Justin Trindade’s Liberals are on their way in the run-up to the parliamentary elections held yesterday Monday in Canada, however the victory looks like a shortcoming for the outgoing prime minister, after securing a third term in office but does not regain as he sought the majority of seats in Parliament, after a lightning election process during which he encountered difficulties.

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The main opponent of Erin O’Toole, the leader of the Conservative Party, admitted his defeat. Addressing his supporters in the early hours of today, he said that he called Mr. Τριντό to congratulate him.

Around 00:40 (local time; 07:40 Greek time), the Liberals were ahead in the matches that judge 157 seats, while the Conservatives were going to secure 121.

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In other words, the Liberals will not cross the 170-seat threshold, that is, they will not regain a majority in parliament.

That is why early elections were called in mid-August.

The “Trindomania” of 2015 seems very distant

Although at first the polls seemed to send positive messages, Mr. Trinto then had a hard time, with the deterioration of power now very noticeable and the “Trindomania” of 2015 seem very distant.

In the field, he was confronted by a crowd of protesters outraged by the restrictive measures aimed at preventing the spread of the new coronavirus; one went so far as to throw stones at the head of government.

Until yesterday, the outcome of the vote seemed uncertain: the polls brought the two major parties to a tie, garnering about 31% of the vote.

Mr Trinto said he was “peaceful” as he left his polling station in Montreal yesterday. “We worked very hard during this campaign and the Canadians are now making their choice,” he said, accompanied by his children and wife Sophie Gregoire.

In recent days, he has been urging voters to vote strategically, arguing that the Conservatives’ return to power would be tantamount to a setback for Canada, especially on the issue of climate change.

Saying he was “proud” to have voted, Erin O’Toole called on his fellow citizens to imitate him via Twitter, under a photo of himself with his wife in front of the ballot box. He promised Canadians a renewal in a decisive campaign in the center.

Many voted by mail and this means that the outcome may be delayed in some regions. The counting of the approximately 800,000 ballot papers submitted by letter will not begin until today, Tuesday.

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