Elections in Germany: Conservatives expect result in “photofinis”

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The Christian Union (CDU / CSU), which at risk of ousting power in Sunday’s parliamentary elections after nearly sixteen years, expects a marginal battle against its main rivals, the Social Democrats (SPD).

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«Βwe say in the poll numbers that it will be an ambiguous race. It was always clear to us that it would be photofinish“, Said the general secretary of the Bavarian Christian Socialists (CSU) Markus Blume during an interview yesterday Wednesday.

The CSU is the sister Christian Democrat (CDU) party of outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel. The two parties have been cooperating for decades. However, the CSU is active only in Bavaria, while the CDU is active throughout the rest of the country.

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The Christian Union currently rules Europe’s strongest economic power by forming a coalition with the Social Democrats, but the two factions are still waging a fierce election battle.

The SPD and its candidate for chancellor, Olaf Solts, three units ahead of the CDU / CSU according to the three most recent polls, with just four days left until the polls open.

Mr Blume told RTL television that only if the center-right came first would it consider that it had a clear mandate to form a government: “We want to win the chancellery,” he said.

If the Conservative Party gains, as polls suggest, just over 20% of the vote, it will in any case be a heavy blow. In the previous elections, in 2017, the CDU / CSU had received 32.9% of the vote.

Once the results are announced, it will probably take several weeks – if not months – for the parties to negotiate for roles in the next governing coalition. Most analysts anticipate that the next government will be three-party.

In 2017, it took five and a half months to reach an agreement on the formation of the so-called grand coalition of the CDU / CSU and the SPD.

Conservative candidate for chancellor Armin Lasset has been trying to gain points in recent weeks by accusing the SPD of wanting to form a coalition with the Left Party (Die Linke).

In any case, it seems almost certain that the Greens will be part of Germany’s next governing coalition, whichever of the two major parties prevails.

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