Elections in Germany: The first woman mayor will be Berlin

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THE Francesca Gifai is expected to become the first woman mayor of Berlin, after victory of the Social Democrats (SPD) at elections held on Sunday in Germany.

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The Social Democratic Party and its leading candidate, Gifai, secured 21.4% of the vote in the regional elections, the election commission said after counting 100% of the votes.

The 43-year-old, who had served as Family Minister in the chancellor’s federal government Angela Merkel, will take the reins from Michael Mueller in the mayor’s office of the German capital, after the decision he took not to run again. Gifai, according to the Athenian News Agency, resigned last May due to plagiarism scandal her PhD, which was revoked by the Free University of Berlin in June

Elections in Germany: Scenarios for forming a government

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After a long election night, the Social Democrats came out first, surpassing the Greens, who secured 18.9%.

Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) won 18.1% of the vote in the regional elections and the Left 14.0%, while the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) won 8.0% and the Free Democrats FDP 7.1%. .

A three-party coalition is the only solution now on the horizon, so it is likely that the state of Berlin will continue to be ruled by an SPD-Green-Left coalition.

Berlin, the city of 3.7 million people, has only been ruled once by a woman for a short time. From 1947 to 1948, Louise Schroeder of the Social Democrats led the local authorities as interim mayor.

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