Elections in Italy: With 11% of the votes recorded, the conservative alliance takes a percentage of 43.3%

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The first projection based on actual votes for the Italian senate, according to the Swg public opinion institute and the La 7 television network, is as follows:

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Conservative Alliance 43.30%

Center Left 25.40%

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Five Star Movement 17%

Renzi- Calenda 7.90%

As far as the parties of the two main alliances are concerned, the projection is as follows:

Conservative Front:

Brothers of Italy 26%

League 8.40%

Forza Italy 7.90%

We the moderate 1%

Center left:

Democratic Party 18.1%

Environmentalists and the Left 3.60%

More Europe 3.1%

Citizen Effort 0.60%

According to the first estimates, the League and the Democratic Party based on this first projection based on 11% of the vote, register lower percentages than the exit polls showed.

If the fall is confirmed, it is possible that intra-party storms will break out both in the Democrats and in Salvini’s League.

Source: News Beast

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