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Elections in the Philippines: The polls have opened

Elections in the Philippines: The polls have opened

The estimated 67 million voters in the Philippines began casting their ballots today to elect the next president of Southeast Asia, with Ferdinand Marcos the youngest, the former dictator’s son, reportedly the big favorite. polls.

The polls opened at 06:00 (local time; 01:00 Greek time) and close at 19:00 (14:00). Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos is reportedly going to succeed Rodrigo Duterte, 36 years after the end of his father’s dictatorship. Outgoing Vice President Leni Robredo is second, albeit at a distance, but analysts do not rule out making a surprise.

Voters are required to nominate the president, vice president, half of the 24 members of the Senate, some 250 deputies and more than 17,000 local elected officials.

The Electoral Commission does not rule out the possibility of extending the voting, if there are still voters in the polling stations when it will formally reach its end.

Tens of thousands of police and military have been put on alert in the run-up to today’s election, which is not uncommon for them to be marred by violent incidents and allegations of fraud.

Police have spoken of at least eight injured by five grenades in two cities in Magidana (south) last night, on the eve of the elections.

There has been no responsibility so far.


Source: Capital



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