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Elections in Turkey – Erdogan: We liberated Hagia Sophia, that’s why they hate us

In the counterattack, he is said to have passed Recep Tayyip Erdoganjust a few days before the second round of the elections in Turkey. “We liberated Hagia Sophia, that’s why they hate us” he emphasized.

As reported on Tuesday morning (23/5) from Istanbul by the correspondent of SKAI, Manolis Kostidis, speaking on the show of SKAI “Today” with Dimitris Oikonomou and Akis Pavlopoulos, the Turkish president maintains that the West she doesn’t want him because he’s ethnic.

As long as the people stand by us we will face the terrorist organizations, the imperialists and the usurers. For me, it is not strange that the Westerners say that Erdogan should go”. Because Erdogan is domestic and national. They don’t digest us because we eradicated terrorism. You see that all the Western magazines had front pages with the headlines “Erdogan should go”, noted the president of Turkey.

They don’t want us because we paid our debt and got the IMF out of Turkey. At the cultural level we have made some steps. We freed her Agia Sophia. They hate us because we freed Hagia Sophia. With the steps we have taken in the defense industry, do you think they will welcome us?” he added.

Erdogan: We will build a bigger aircraft carrier together with England, Spain or another country

Tayyip Erdogan, according to the SKAI correspondent, continues to promise defense support to Turkey. “We build frigates and submarines. This for us is as easy as eating stragalia and pasatembo,” Erdogan emphasized, adding that “we will become stronger in the seas.”

“This country built it its own aircraft carrier. God willing, in the new period, as I had already had the discussions. With the English or the Spanish, or with whomever you set your mind to, we will build a larger class ship than TCG Anadolu. In this way the Turkish Navy, the Turkish Army will become even more powerful. We are already building frigates, etc. These for us are (easily) like stragglers, like pasatembos. We have reached the export level. We build our submarines. So our collaborations with the Germans and with other countries will continue to become stronger.

Will there be more news to trouble the West? Why shouldn’t they come? If the steps we take in the defense industry, will exceed the power of the West, if we will naturally exceed and they will be disturbed. Have you ever seen Azerbaijan, Qatar or Libya bothered by these steps and our successes? When we find out who is disturbed by our successes we see more clearly, who is the enemy and who is our friend” he underlined.

Shoilou to Biden: If he dares, let the US president punish us

At the same time, Turkey’s interior minister launched an attack on the US Suleiman Soylu, stressing that “we are fighting the US and not the PKK”. In fact, he even went so far as to attack Joe Biden!

“The US president came out and said that Erdogan will be held accountable for what he did. We did some things to them about their politics. He says he will punish us. If you dare, punish us. We don’t fight it. PKK, we are fighting the US. It is so simple. We do not have the PKK terrorist organization in front of us. We are not fighting against the PKK. but against the US. The US comes and does everything near the border. Is there another explanation? They sent them thousands of trucks,” he added.

Source: News Beast

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