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Elections in Turkey: “The ship is sinking” the Turkish media write about Erdogan – He is 9% behind in the polls

Heavy is the climate for Recep Tayyip Erdogan preparing for elections next May. As they point out Turkish media is 9% behind in the polls while comparing him to a “sinking ship”.

As reported on Tuesday morning (21/3) by the SKAI correspondent from Istanbul, Manolis Kostidis, speaking on the show “TODAY” with Dimitris Oikonomou and Akis Pavlopoulos, the Turkish press analyzes the situation in the neighboring Turkey.

In particular, in its report, the newspaper “Korkusuz” emphasizes that with one hour of work in Turkey someone can buy 15 eggs, while in Germany, with one hour of work you can buy 2 liters of milk, 18 eggs, 600 grams of minced meat and a kilo of bananas. The report concludes: “No more lies. We envy Europe».

The opposition is 9 points ahead

For its part, the Bir Gun newspaper states in its headline that “the ship is sinking and we are looking for passengers in the government faction” on the occasion of another blow received by Tayyip Erdoğan.

The Turkish president, according to the relevant article, had in his plans to bring back, if re-elected, to the country’s finance ministry a man who left a positive mark in the past and he is none other than Mehmet Simcek. However, during the meeting between the two men yesterday, Simcek denied Erdogan the position, which is a big blow for the country’s president.

At the same time, the newspaper, in poll that hosts gives 9 points lead to Kilintsaroglou who collects 54.23%, while Erdogan has 45.77.

Source: News Beast

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