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Electoral authority calls campaigns after Milei casts doubts on confidence in the election

In recent weeks, Javier Milei’s campaign has cast doubt on the reliability of the electoral process in Argentina. Those around the candidate for president questioned the vote counting process and deliberately decided to deliver fewer ballots than indicated.

This Saturday (18), the two campaigns were called by the electoral authority for an emergency meeting to try to reduce tension on the issue.

The meeting was organized by the National Electoral Chamber and took place in the center of Buenos Aires. Electoral authorities stated that the initiative aimed to “preserve democratic coexistence” in the country that celebrates four decades of democracy.

Reports in the local press indicate that representatives of the two campaigns adopted a friendly tone at the meeting, and that, at the meeting, Milei’s team minimized concerns about this alleged fraud.

The tone is very different from that observed on the streets. Karina Milei, the candidate’s sister, mentioned in recent days that the electoral process could involve a “colossal fraud”. The strong name of the “A Liberdade Avança” coalition spoke about transporting ballot boxes to vote counting centers, and indicated that police officers would be manipulating ballots in favor of Sergio Massa.

Another suspicion was cast on the Spanish company that helps the Electoral Chamber in the vote counting process. Those around Milei circulated on social media that the company would be a “friend” of the European country’s socialists, as it would be close to Pedro Sánchez, from the PSOE, recently elected Prime Minister of Spain.

Sergio Massa, government candidate, rejects the hypothesis of fraud. Around the Minister of Economy, the opponent uses the tactic that became common in right-wing candidates who lost recent elections, such as Donald Trump, in the United States, and Jair Bolsonaro, in Brazil.

It is important to note that Milei’s campaign did not provide any evidence or clues related to the two suspects.

The topic, however, has already reached the electorate of the ultraliberal candidate, who began to cite doubts about the fairness of the process in recent days.

Fewer Milei ballots

Amid these doubts raised by the campaign itself, Milei’s coalition decided to deliver fewer ballots for the second round. In Argentina, the papers used for voting are provided by each candidate.

The Electoral Chamber suggests 350 ballots for each of the 104,577 ballot boxes. Thus, it would be possible that, in theory, all 35 million eligible voters could vote for just one candidate.

But Milei’s campaign deliberately chose to deliver a smaller volume. Reports cite around 100 ballots per ballot box. The argument is that the ballots “could be stolen” until the second round.

In light of the decision, some judges who monitor the electoral process notified the “A Liberdade Avança” coalition. The campaign responded that there are more ballots available and that they will only be delivered on Sunday by inspectors who support the candidate and will be at the polling places.

Source: CNN Brasil

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