Electoral Justice barred 1790 candidacies; deadline for judging ends today

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This Monday (12) the deadline for the Electoral Justice to complete the analysis of all candidacies presented by political parties in this year’s elections ends.

So far, of the 29,172 names registered, 25,361 have been approved and are still in the running. Another 1790 are unfit. The difference between the two numbers is cases that still have to be judged by the end of the day.

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Among the candidates considered unfit are those who withdrew from the candidacy. Since the dispute began on August 16, 810 have submitted a letter of resignation. This represents 47% of the unfit.

Another 876, or 51% of the names rejected by the courts, had their registration request denied because they did not meet the criteria of electoral legislation or presented some impediment, including those provided for in the Clean Record Law. These are the cases, for example, of two candidacies for the Presidency of the Republic: that of Roberto Jefferson (PTB), convicted in the second instance for involvement in the Mensalão; and that of Pablo Marçal (PROS), who did not prove necessary party support.

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There are also cases of candidacies considered unsuitable because the registration was canceled by the party itself. It is also possible that the request is not even known by the courts, usually due to some formal irregularity. An example is when the person, through carelessness of the caption, is registered to run for two positions.

There are also situations where the candidate was considered unfit because he died. There have been three so far. All were vying for a seat as a federal deputy. Businessman Ilson Baiano (Solidariedade/BA) died of natural causes; Adair Ferreira de Souza (Patriota/RO) had a heart attack; and lawyer Antonio Weck (PSC/RS) died in a traffic accident.

According to the legislation, after the resignation, the political party, the federation or the coalition have up to ten days to present a replacement – ​​if there is interest. For proportional positions, it is more common to appoint substitutes, after all, “one less candidate” can influence obtaining the minimum number of votes to win a seat in the legislature.

Although the deadline for the Electoral Court to judge all requests ends today, including appeals, this time can be extrapolated in complex situations, in which the candidate can even resort to ordinary justice to guarantee his name on the ballot box, in the so-called candidacies. sub judice.

Source: CNN Brasil

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