Electric scooters to move easily around the city: which one to choose?

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Eco-friendly, snappy and certainly cheaper than a scooter, scooters are an ideal way to urban mobility. They can be rented easily thanks to many sharing services now present in various cities such as Helbiz, Dott, Bird, Voi, Wind and Lime ma it’s worth considering buying.

The models available are numerous and with costs for all budgets, but the new generation products also guarantee greater safety and better performance, especially those related to autonomy. Many scooters are equipped with LED lights and reflectors to see and be seen better on the road, some also have turn indicators and advanced geolocation systems to trace them in cases of theft.

However, safety depends, first of all, on by respecting the rules: you travel at a maximum of 25 km / h which becomes 6 in the pedestrian areas, you do not go on the pavement, you do not drive carrying passengers. It is also better to wear a protective helmet and a high visibility jacket. That said, fun is guaranteed.

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