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Electronic arrival for Calvin Klein in Greece

Electronic arrival for Calvin Klein in Greece

By George Lampiris

Sarkk SA of the Saranti family is coming to implement the strategy it had for the creation of an online store of Calvin Klein in Greece, which from today puts into operation the website Calvin Klein in the Greek market. The company will have available through the e-shop that creates in Greece the code list that it maintains in its stores and in fact has planned a range of promotional actions in order to inform the consumer public about this event.

Until now, Calvin Klein products have been available only through the physical sales network and specifically from the retail stores of the same name, such as the store in Golden Hall or that of Glyfada, McArthur Glen, Athens International Airport, Thessaloniki or and through the network of partners such as Attica department stores, Cosmos Sport, Hondos and several more locations nationwide.

Sarkk, being the exclusive distributor apart from Calvin Klein and for Tommy Hilfiger, apart from Greece, maintains a presence through its networks in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Moldova and Northern Macedonia. Since taking over the Calvin Klein dealership, following Folli Follie who was in charge until 2019 and coming to an agreement with the parent company of CK PVH Corp, Saark has made a number of investments in recent times, betting significantly in the specific brand. It should be noted that Saark and PVC have been working with Tommy Hilfiger since 1998.

The strategic approach of the company is the expansion of the retail network for both Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, while in its plan was already last year the creation of the online store Calvin Klein something that is implemented.

Investments in network expansion and new stores

Indicative of its intentions is that during 2020 through a series of investments it made, Saark created a new Tommy Hilfiger store in The Mall Athens. Regarding Calvin Klein, the company created the first Calvin Klein discount store in Greece and in the McArthur Glen shopping center, as well as the stores at the Factory Outlet at the Athens International Airport, the Factory Outlet in Piraeus and the Outlet Salonica in Thessaloniki. In 2021, it also developed new Calvin Klein stores at The Mall Athens and the Mediterranean Cosmos in Thessaloniki.

It should be noted that in the field of financial performance the company increased its turnover by 3.5% in 2020, given the new stores it added to its network, investing in the expansion of its network. Its sales amounted to 38.67 million euros with net profits after taxes at 892.28 thousand euros, from 849.23 thousand euros in 2019.


Source From: Capital



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