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Elena Cecchettin goes on TV, but the judgment on her look and mourning is unbearable

He could have dealt with the mourning of Giulia’s passing in many ways, but Elena Cecchettin he chose to do it in the only way he thought possible: to pay homage to her life and memory so that women no longer suffer the evil that Giulia and all the victims of femicide who have occupied the front pages of newspapers for a year have suffered. to this part. From Who has seen? to Italian stories, passing through Forehand and backhandElena Cecchettin frequented TV first to ensure that her sister was found and then to address all the women who fear for their safety and the men who, in 2023, seem to consider them their property. «I would like to understand why Filippo tried to possess Giulia if it is true that he loved her, why he didn’t limit himself to loving her. We’ve all had our hearts broken at one time or another. But other people are not our property: Giulia was a great person, and I’m sorry that this was the only solution for Filippo”, Cecchettin said to the microphones of Rete 4 with a clarity and purity anything but obvious for a girl so young and destroyed by pain.

We would like to say that Elena Cecchettin’s words on the criticism of a patriarchal society which almost unconsciously sees the victim as guilty and the murderer as a good person stressed by rejection had awakened the consciences of many, but unfortunately this is not the case. To find out we just had to read i comments released under Elena’s video posted from the Twitter page (or hatred and resentment against a girl who was accused of going on television. The fact that Elena Cecchettin chose to appear on TV to talk about her sister and launch an appeal It doesn’t mean that Elena doesn’t sufferbut who preferred guerrilla warfare to silence.

Vigonovo – 20231119 – Vigonovo – Torchlight procession for Giulia Cecchettin – Elena and Gino Cecchettin during the moment in memory of Giulia during Torchlight procession for Giulia Cecchettin, News in Vigonovo, Italy, November 19 2023 (Vigonovo – 2023-11-19, Simone Piccirilli / LiveMedia ) ps the photo can be used respecting the context in which it was taken, and without defamatory intent of the decorum of the people representedSimone Piccirilli / LiveMedia / ipa-agency.net

Together with notes on the right way to deal with a loss, something very personal but which we are very ready to criticize from our sofa at home, Elena Cecchettin also paid for another unjustifiable attack: his way of dressing and doing his hair which would undermine not only his testimony, but also his credibility with respect to the important issues for which he has chosen to speak. From the black sweatshirt with a star printed on it that someone has identified as a satanist praise to septum to the nosepassing through the photos posted on his Instagram profile with the studs in plain sight, it’s as if Elena Cecchettin had undergone X-rays to understand whether or not she was entitled to be able to express herself regarding her sister’s death. We know that the dress makes the monk – in Circeothe beautiful Rai miniseries dedicated to the massacre, places great emphasis on how Donatella, the only survivor of the massacre, should have dressed and done her hair at the trial to appear credible in the eyes of the judge and the jury -, however being slaves to appearances when you try to convey such a strong message as the importance of sentimental education in schools so that boys learn respect for women it is something that hurts. It is as if Elena Cecchettin had suffered, in addition to the pain of Giulia’s disappearance, also the resentment of those who tend to judge her for her appearance to weaken and annihilate it.

Source: Vanity Fair

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