Elena Santarelli: “I’m afraid of having another child”

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“Before that hiccup in our life, we were both inclined to have much larger families. I don’t feel like it now, I don’t have the courage to have another child». Elena Santarelli, guest of very true, does not hide. Always maintaining the privacy of his son, Giacomo has often told the story of his family after the discovery and during the treatment of his son’s tumor. Together with her husband Bernardo Corradi he said there is no possibility of a third child. “I can’t do it, I’m too scared.”

The couple retraced the history of the relationship starting from their first disco meeting in 2006 with just a handshake. “He looked for me later, but I was engaged. Then, when that relationship ended, I contacted him and he answered Elena who? », Explained the presenter. Her husband, a former football player, joked: “I played strategy, I had to differentiate myself from all his suitors of a beautiful woman ». He also added that he insisted as a good striker.

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“The first night he came to me, I kissed him immediately and I really felt the butterflies in my stomach. I remember that I wrote to my friend that I was already crazy about him “, explained Santarelli, saying that she immediately understood that he was the right man for her. “If I chose her as the mother of my children, it is because of what I saw in her beyond the physical aspect,” added Corradi.

It is a continuous passage of jokes to show the alchemy that still lasts between the two after 15 years. “I remember once I found some photos of him with an ex-girlfriend of his and I sent them to him saying:” Well done you brought her here “, and he replied:” Remember that I will accompany you to the delivery room because you will be the mother. of my children ”,” she revealed.

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