Elettra Lamborghini: “The fear of standing still”

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The person who Elettra Lamborghini hugging around herself in the photo you see above is not her secret twin, but the wax statue that Madame Tussauds Amsterdam has decided to dedicate to her and show her visitors. The works to create it began in 2021, when Elettra went secretly to Amsterdam to pose for more than three hours in front of the sculptors, ready to take hundreds of photos of her, to study their measurements and to detect all the details useful for their work. from the shading of the eyes to the conformation of his teeth. “When they told me I thought it was a joke. They’ve been trying to trap me with these phone calls for years, but I always catch them. This time, however, it’s all true », says Elettra Lamborghini sitting on a sunny terrace in the heart of Milan, not far from the Unicredit tower.

He says he’s not in as good shape as he should be pinching his hips and, at one point, starts twirling his arms as if he’s stretching, waking up from who knows what numbness. Here and there some faded tattoos peep out that Elettra Lamborghini has decided to cancel: “On the Internet they have fun writing that I have 105 piercings and 800 tattoos: I’m fed up”, says Elettra pointing to the marks on the arms that she has decided to get rid of. from the tattoo dedicated to his dog to that of his fish, passing through that of his horse and Michael Jackson. “They are all dead. The aura is not great. We need to clean up for a moment. “

Choosing an idol, who would you dedicate a statue to today?
“I would say my husband, but he has it too. Seriously, I don’t have an idol today. Maybe my horse. ‘

Did she have them as a child?
«Mariah Carey and Britney Spears. I see myself too much in Britney. ‘

“He danced, sang, did many things like me.”

Have you seen that she is finally free?
“I am very happy for you, the time for your compensation has finally come.”

Let’s face it: he’s been working a lot lately.
“I’m kicking my ass, it’s true. I can’t sleep at night because I still have so much energy. Yesterday I spent all day the pressure washer convincing myself that I would collapse in bed, but nothing. I think it’s the fault of the accumulated energy: if I don’t do things, I’m sick ».

Wake up early?
“I was a zombie this morning.”

Are you afraid of standing still?
“Much. I always need to do ».

In this, how do you see relaxation?
“In a horrible way. Last year I took 2 holidays, I enjoyed them but I prefer to work ».

What does your idea of ​​relaxation envisage?
“Stay at my house with my dog ​​to watch something on TV and eat junk.”

I would have said something exotic, like an extreme vacation somewhere.
“It stresses me, I need my habits: eat the usual things, be with my dog ​​and my horse.”

Has she always been hyperactive?
“Today I calmed down, as a child I was more. Lately – it will be due to old age – I understand my limits ».

They say that putting your hands in the dough helps those who think a lot: is this your case?
«I think a lot. I’ve also recently realized I’ve become a control freak: if I start something, I see it finish. For example, I can’t pack my suitcases: it takes me at least 4 hours ».

You can always get your Afrojack husband to do them.
“God forbid. If I don’t do it, I’ll go crazy. “

Many things, as we know, we cannot control: how do you experience this feeling?
“I have managed to manage everything I’ve done so far: those who can’t do it, find only a thousand excuses in my opinion. If you really want something, you try it all the way. If sometimes I didn’t succeed, it was because I didn’t really want them. “

Ikka Mirabelli

Everyone, thanks to Instagram, peeks at his days: what does he not show?
“I’ve been showing a lot less lately, I don’t geolocate myself until I’ve moved away from a place. People don’t understand that we are human and there are places that are sacred, like my home. If someone buzzes me to ask for a photo, I’ll call the police. You mustn’t touch me with the dog and the horse. ‘

Did you happen to be asked for a photo in similar circumstances?
«Once someone asked me while I was walking the dog and I was wearing my pajamas: I raised the white flag and told him that I was turning my balls. It is something that I suffer a little. In other circumstances, such as instore and concerts, I am extremely available to everyone ».

It takes courage to say no these days.
“I’ve always been used to saying yes, but it doesn’t always help. I am thinking, for example, of people who ask you for a photo and, perhaps, do not know who you are ».

What would you like to see written on your identity card under profession?
«World icon of raggaeton. Seriously, singer: that’s what keeps me alive. I realize it every day that passes ».

You’ve been doing a lot of TV lately: too much?
«In fact, now I want to brake, I don’t want to do too much. I just did Only Fun, the program with the PanPers: I want to take back everything ».

Children like you so much: in your opinion why?
“I’ve always wondered. Maybe because I’m a bit of a cartoon. If it were up to me I would like 50 children, I love them. Indeed, even no ».

50 is a bit too much, in fact.
“I’d be more to do less and take care of it full-time. I am very genuine, I speak to them as if I were talking to my sister: I think I like it because I am very pure, I don’t have many filters ».

His baby side?
«I am a very sweet person: with children I melt, I embrace them».

Is there a question you are tired of answering?
“The one about my family and cars. I’m not saying that I found it hard to get away from my surname but one, thinking of the heiress, gets an idea of ​​a person that I am not ».


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