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Eliezer remembers Valentine’s Day surprise with Viih Tube: “It didn’t work out”

The influencer and ex-BBB Eliezer used social media, this Tuesday (11), to comment on his frustrated planning for the Valentine’s Day last year. According to him, the date would have great surprises for Viih Tube but the beloved was in the postpartum period due to giving birth Moon and I didn’t want to leave the house.

In his Instagram story, Eliezer said that he had booked one of the best restaurants in São Paulo, as well as the “best motel”.

“I had it decorated [o motel] and I reserved a private area in a rooftop restaurant with violin and everything. As it was a surprise, I invented an excuse to take her out of the house, but it didn’t work. I made up lie after lie to see if I could get her to go out with me. I started blackmailing and nothing. I pretended I was pissed and nothing,” he said.

“Finally, I gave up, lay down on the bed and said: ‘It’s difficult, I booked one of the best restaurants in São Paulo, a motel and you just needed to leave the house’. Then she: ‘I didn’t know, so let’s go’. But it was already 11pm and she had already given up in anger. The postpartum period is not easy”, added Eli.

Viih Tube gave birth to Lua in April 2023. The couple is currently expecting their second child, Ravi.

Source: CNN Brasil

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