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Eliezer shows Viih Tube listening to baby’s heart

In anticipation of the arrival of Ravi his second son, the ex-BBB and influencer Eliezer 34, shared a video that her Viih Tube 23, appears in a process of listening to the baby’s heart, still in the belly, using a device connected to headphones.

“We are halfway through the fifth month, entering the sixth. For those who don’t know, in the sixth month, this is when the baby’s hearing begins to develop”, he explained.

Eliezer also stated that during the pregnancy of Lua, his first daughter, he used to talk to the baby before birth. “When Lua was pregnant, it was from then on that I started talking to my belly. When she was born, as soon as she heard my voice, she was looking for it,” he revealed.

Elizer shows Viih Tube listening to second son

Pregnancy announcement

Viih made her second pregnancy public in April this year. Recently, the ex-BBB said she suffered a placental abruption and did not hide her fear of losing the baby.

“I experienced one of the worst feelings of my entire life. I keep thinking about the mothers who go through this and, in the end, arrive at the hospital and receive very sad news, which was my biggest fear,” she commented.

Viih Tube shows changes in the body in the final stages of pregnancy

Source: CNN Brasil

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