Elisa Isoardi and the sweet dedication to her grandmother Memè

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That Elisa Isoardi is a lover of time spent with her family is easily seen by looking at her Instagram posts, many of which are dedicated to moments spent with his always loved ones, the ones he finds when he returns home sweet home, in his case in a village in the mountains near Cuneo. First of all the beloved mother, at the moment with a problem in her leg.

In the weekend the former model and TV presenter, born in 1982, posted a photo in the company of her beloved grandmother, showing that he was wearing the protective mask for the entire time of the visit.

«Memè, I’ve been calling her that since I was little, my grandmother Lucrezia. Every time I see her I realize how sorry I am not being able to dedicate more time to her, it is fortunate to be able to talk to her again and see in his eyes the same light and the same strength that I see in myself. Grandparents leave an imprint on our souls for life. Thanks to all the people who take care of our elderly people ».

Carrying a tray of pastries with her, Elisa Isoardi joined her grandmother Memè in the Don Parola retirement home in Robilante, in the province of Cuneo.

In the meantime, the fans of the Piedmontese showgirl are waiting to (re) see her running a program of her own.


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