Elite 6 will be there (but are we sure it’s needed?)

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It is a very common thing now to squeeze a phenomenon to the last drop, strike the iron until it cools and stops being malleable. This is also true for TV series which, in order to guarantee views and revenues to the platforms that produce them, can go on for years stretching stories that deserved to be closed several seasons earlier. The risk, of course, is to destroy the good of a product which, by dint of continuous interventions prolonged over time, risks losing its original allure by becoming a draft of what it was. It is the case of series like YOU, confirmed for a fourth season, but, even more than Elite, the Spanish series that Netflix has renewed for a sixth season by adding three short stories that will be available on the platform next 15, 20 and 23 December.

All announced before the fifth season arrives who, judging by the reception and the numerous defections of the fourth, could very well remain at the starting blocks not only because most of the original characters took their leave, but also because the story was led to such absurd drifts to the point of being particularly difficult to take for granted. We know the new Elite will include the entry into the school of some new students from poor families and that the dynamics will be a bit of a copy-paste of those of the first season, but certainly one wonders why Netflix has decided to continue to focus on a series that, after the departure of Guzman (Miguel Bernardeau) and Ander (Aron Piper), it is not clear where he wants to end up.

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For now we only know that Elite 5 will welcome to two new characters played by Valentina Zenere and André Lamoglia but, otherwise, everything is very nebulous. Including the release date on Netflix, not yet formalized. It remains, however, that history should have stopped, if not at the second, at least at the third, perhaps trying to close the circle in the most compact and coherent way possible to allow fans to say goodbye in a serene ea Elite to have a worthy ending. Instead, kind of like Thirteen, we preferred to go ahead: all to ensure that continuity and that affection of the public that the arrival of always new products on channels and platforms makes everything but predictable. Is this enough, however, to guarantee the survival of a series that now has little or nothing to say?


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