Elizabeth II cancels other virtual hearings (but does not stop)

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The ninety-five year old was already a few days ago Elizabeth II, positive at Covid, had canceled some commitments via Zoom. “Cold-like symptoms” force the sovereign to take care of herself, they had told Buckingham Palace. However, specifying that the queen would not stop: she «she will continue with light tasks». Now the news has come that The Queen has skipped other virtual hearings. To be precise two, scheduled today. Nevertheless, the sovereign, as promised, did not stop: just yesterday she had a telephone interview with the prime minister Boris Johnson. Which suggests that Elizabeth really has “mild cold-like symptoms», As communicated by Palazzo, and that the temper (steel) despite its age and related ailments (“I can not move”, he admitted last week, during a live hearing, supported by a cane) is the same as always.

Elisabetta is facing this delicate moment without her beloved husband Filippo, which was “simply my strength.” However can count on the support of Carlo e William. The sovereign has “Enlisted” son and grandson because the replace in many of its royal duties, particularly those involving travel abroad. “The queen, Charles and William are in constant contactHe said to People historian Robert Lacey. Specifying that the three “they work together, but not as equals“. In short, the boss is always The Queen. But Charles and William are “increasingly active” within the monarchy.

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On the other hand, the queen is almost 96 years old (she will turn them on April 21st). And she knows very well that she is not eternal. Must think about the future of Crown, that for her comes «first of all, even of herself. This is why he relies more and more on Carlo and William, which is why he has made it clear that, “when the time comes”, and Carlo knows re, he wishes his wife Camilla to be queen. The Queen, who is about to celebrate her seventy years on the throne, is facing one of the darkest times in her reign. In addition to health problems there are scandals in the family: Harry and Meghan’s accusations against the royal family, Andrea’s extrajudicial settlement with the woman who accuses him of molesting her when she was a minor, the foundation of Prince Charles ended under investigation for an honor promised – in exchange for donations – to a Saudi tycoon. Her Majesty at almost 96 years is faced with gigantic headaches. “For the monarchy it is a trickle of negativity. I have never seen such tumultuous times, ”she told People a palace insider. In “such tumultuous times” The Queen is also able to look to the “time to come”. Because she knows that he must protect the Crown even in the post-Elizabeth era.

Source: Vanity Fair

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