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Elizabeth II, her bridesmaid’s dress sold at auction. The added value? Kate Moss also wore it

Elizabeth II He married Philip November 20, 1947. On that day, she who would soon become the future sovereign of England, arrived at the altar of Westminster Abbey accompanied by well eight bridesmaids.

Elizabeth II and Philip on their wedding day.

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Among them was also Lady Elizabeth Longman, née Lambart, daughter of the Earls of Cavan, and childhood friend of the bride, whose ivory tulle dress worn on the wedding day of the late Queen is was sold at auction Christie’s just a few days ago for £37,800.

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Commissioned by the Queen Mother to sir. Norman Hartnell, couturier who also created the wedding dress of Elizabeth II, the dress worn by Lady Elizabeth – which was the same for all eight bridesmaids – reflects the style of the era in every detail, also boasting an Italian touch if we think that Hartnell was also inspired by the Spring by Botticelli in the planning stage.

The Great Stories of Royal Clothes. Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation Dress

For the sovereign, Norman Hartnell designed one of the masterpieces of the history of 20th century costume. More than a dress, the one she showed off on June 2, 1953, was a declaration of intent rich in symbols and diplomacy. Here is everything you need to know about this dress


The fitted and gathered bodice in ivory tulle – as you can read on the auction website -, is wrapped in a deep fig of tulle studded with pearls edged with white satin, while the neckline is embellished with a bow, also in ivory satin. The multi-layered skirt appears vaporous and characterized by embroidery floral of applied satin – a symbol of rebirth in post-war England – designed by master embroiderer Flora Ballard and woven by Warner & SonsThe flowers recall those of the garland used as a hair accessory, where satin wheat ears, lilies and silver lamé leaves stand out.

The bridesmaid's dress for Elizabeth II's wedding.

The bridesmaid’s dress for Elizabeth II’s wedding.

Wiktor Szymanowicz/Getty Images

«She grew up in the orbit of the royal family and has known Princess Elizabeth since she was very young – she says Blessed Winter, Christie’s specialist about Lady Elizabeth Lambert -. Both girls attended the same dance school and were part of the company Buckingham Palace Girl Guides. I imagine it would have been a wonderful honor to serve as a bridesmaid at the royal wedding.”

Elizabeth II marriage

The bride and groom with some bridesmaids.

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Lady Elizabeth, after her friend’s wedding, kept her bridesmaid’s dress as a precious treasure, lending it to the Bath Fashion Museum between the 1980s and early 2000s, until her death in 2016, when it passed into the hands of her family.

Making the dress even more special is the fact that the only person to have worn it other than Lady Elizabeth was none other than Kate Moss. An unusual connection between the two figures, but well explained in light of an episode that occurred in 2012. The top model was posing for a photoshoot for the magazine Love in the house where Lady Elizabeth Lambart was staying. The latter was persuaded to pose with her. “It seems that Lady Elizabeth found the photoshoot amusing and that she thought it would be nice to see Kate trying on her bridesmaid’s dress,” Winter explains. And so it happened.

“Meeting Lady Elizabeth and wearing her dress that had such a great legacy was a magical moment for me. I felt like I was wearing a piece of history.” said Kate Moss.

Source: Vanity Fair

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