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Elizabeth II, life after Philip: consoled by her corgis and by the women of the royal family

Queen Elizabeth And The Intimacy Of Pain: Tears (alone) At

The moving image of Elizabeth II sitting alone, due to Covid, in the chapel of San Giorgio at her husband’s funeral Filippo, went around the world. After seventy-three years of marriage, the queen had to say goodbye to her husband without even the comfort of the physical proximity of her loved ones. She was alone even when tears ran down her face as she sat in the car following her husband’s coffin.

But in the days of mourning, pain and “enormous emptiness” that open before her, she will never be alone. To keep her company, in addition to the loved ones beloved corgi (last March, after the death of the last “historical” dog, three new specimens have come to alleviate his days of confinement in Windsor) will also be there women of the royal family. As the Daily Mirror, the only daughter of the sovereign, the princess Anna, organized a shift system so that his mother is never alone. Besides Anna, there will be Kate Middleton, Camilla of Cornwall e Sophie di Wessex to keep company with the sovereign, naturally respecting social distancing. They will also be with her when she walks the corgis in the grounds of Windsor Castle, where she will remain isolated despite having already received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

The Queen will remain in Windsor, of course, also on April 21, the day on which will be 95 years old. It will be a sad birthday – the first without Filippo – different from all the others. No cannon volleys from the Tower of London. No new official portraits of Her Majesty. The queen mourns her longtime companion. There is nothing to celebrate.



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