Elizabeth Olsen: “Being in my safe zone, with the people I love, makes me feel beautiful”

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Became famous thanks to the character of Wanda Maximoff in the film series dedicated to the Avengers, Elizabeth Olsen owes everything to her Scarlet Witchwhich he expanded the narrative in the TV series for Disney + Wandavision released last year. A series that in addition to combining the pain of a loss and the elaboration of mourning with the world of superheroes, showed us Olsen in all her skill, from that moment a star was certainly born. Yet cinema, acting, have always been in her destiny, raised in a family of actresses, she is in fact the youngest of the Olsen sisters, do you remember the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley? Unlike them, however, Elizabeth does not love showbiz, but more a life out of the spotlight in which to connect with nature, which also reflects her look, always perfect yet natural, full of light, like her garden that defines her. comfort zone. He will soon be in theaters alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange – in the multiverse of madness, where the character of Wanda Maximoff will return, but we do not yet know if it will be a good or a bad one, an ambiguous and complex character that the actress tells how of a beautiful and unexpected roller coaster.

Another Marvel movie, never feel trapped, not afraid of getting stuck in a character?
“In reality I feel safe, which is a fundamental thing for an actress, at the same time I can devote myself to my passions or carefully choose independent projects. Of course, these are projects that require long periods of realization and this implies that they often don’t make me available for other jobs that I would like to do, but I don’t feel trapped in fact I know I have a lot of freedom. Plus I don’t think Kevin Feige would ever force anyone to work unwillingly. I am grateful for the great stories they have built for my character, Wandavision then it was the best project that could have happened to me, a real gift that revitalized my career ».

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How does it work for her now in Hollywood after such an important character has the power of choice?
«When you work on an important project like mine, with a strong international resonance, you are lucky, because it can help you promote an independent film in which you have participated, and its distribution. For the rest it is all a matter of choices, of finding oneself and of intentions, for example I have done a lot of TV in recent times and I can’t wait to go back to the cinema, perhaps with a film that is not Marvel ».

Are you afraid of the idea that people see Wanda as a role model?
“Wanda makes many mistakes, unlike the role models to follow, to be an example you have to have a strong dose of altruism, not selfish intentions to deal with. Models terrify me a little, their perfection, wanting to please others, I love her vulnerability, her strength, the fact that people can see themselves in what they have been through, their difficulties, their loss, their anxiety, what great emotions represent “.

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Wanda has become an icon, a bit like her sisters were when she was little, what was it like for her to grow up in such an environment?
“It’s a bit of a wild reality when your family becomes so exposed to the media, but my sisters have done so many beautiful things, they have built an integral career and for me they have been a great example, two fantastic women to admire, who it pushed me to want to do something of my own, but on the other hand it made me a very private person, I’ve never been much for socializing, I didn’t participate much in their promotions, that’s how it works for me “.

The shot of her gardening at the time of her Emmy nomination stuck, is that her happiness?
“My home is, when you are an actress you are always surrounded by many people, you always move from one place to another and all the time you are always away from home, when I happen to be there, maybe out in the garden, under the sun, for me it is pure joy ».

Is that where its beauty lies?
“What makes me feel beautiful and at peace is being surrounded by my people, I have the same friends as when I was little, being with them, with my family, cooking and being together in my garden with the sound of birds instead of horn, it’s mine safe zonethe thing that makes me really happy where I recharge and find beauty ».

Her beauty is always marked by a sober, natural and elegant look, how can she do it?
“Personally I don’t like wearing too much makeup, I prefer to feel fresh, but I realize that when you play a character there are things you can use as tools that help you tell the story, makeup is one of them, the one we used in Doctor Strange it will be different from that seen up to now ».

Did you choose Wanda’s look?
«I helped to conceive some of them, when we know her she has a well-defined look and make-up, but after all she has been through, the situations she has experienced and which have transformed her, that changes too. In this film we will certainly see her with different make-up and hair, something more natural, less constructed that makes us understand the character’s experience ».

Source: Vanity Fair

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