Elizabeth Warren explores Greenidge’s green mining

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Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has expressed concern about the environmental impact of Greenidge Generation Holdings and other mining companies.

In a letter to Greenidge CEO Jeffrey Kirt, Senator Elizabeth Warren said she was concerned about how the company uses electricity and how its cryptocurrency mining operations are impacting the environment. Warren asked the company to provide details by December 17th.

“Given the extremely high energy consumption and carbon emissions associated with Bitcoin mining, mining operations by Greenidge and other businesses are raising concerns about their impact on the environment, local ecosystems and the level of electricity costs for consumers,” she wrote in the letter.

In July of this year, Greenidge’s work was criticized. Environmentalists and New Yorkers have opposed the company burning natural gas to mine BTC. They are alarmed that the temperature of Lake Seneca in northern New York, on the banks of which Greenidge mining farms are located, has risen significantly since Bitcoin mining began in the region.

Warren emphasized that the amount of energy consumed when mining bitcoins is comparable to the amount of energy used by Denmark, Chile, Argentina or Washington. In her opinion, the estimated annual electricity use for bitcoin mining has more than tripled from the beginning of 2019 to May 2021.

According to a survey conducted by the Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC) initiative group, which includes miners from North America, 56% of the energy for Bitcoin mining is taken from renewable sources.

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