Ellie Goulding will be a mother: the first child with Caspar Jopling is on the way


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Ellie Goulding will be mom soon. The 34-year-old singer is expecting her first child from her husband Caspar Jopling and the happy event is not far off because as revealed in an interview with Vogue is in the 30th week.

The couple discovered the pregnancy at a very special moment: “It was when we went away for a short time on our first wedding anniversary, it was crazy. It wasn’t planned, the thought of getting pregnant didn’t seem like it could turn into reality, it made me feel a bit “human”: I would like a better word than “feminine” but I have curves that I have never had before, I like it “, he said Goulding, excited about the idea of ​​this new adventure, while admitting that becoming a mother during a pandemic can be lonely.

At first the singer experienced a sort of “denial”, everything changed, not just the body: “I started to have a different energy, I couldn’t deal with it”, but then the funny moments also arrived: “I’m went from being pleased with how healthy my salads were to wanting only McDonald’s.

Last summer, Goulding told al Mirror the benefits of distance from Jopling. Nothing serious, of course, just a few weeks for work reasons: «I love being alone with myself, so I take advantage of the advantages of this period of absence. I can read a book, go for a run, eat in a disorderly way. Sometimes it’s nice not to be with your partner around the clock. I love my husband but I also love myself ». A very romantic husband (“He made a blanket for my cats with his own hands. And he always buys me flowers. One day while driving on the highway I found a rose in the glove compartment”) I met thanks to my mutual friend Eugenie of York.

It was 2017 and it was immediately in tune, a straight path to a royal wedding style wedding with many VIPs and noble friends. The rest of the story is still to be written.

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