Elliniko: The largest construction site in Greece is in full development

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The construction sites in Elliniko are in full development, in the context of the largest urban regeneration in Europe, in an area of ​​6,200 acres that is in progress at the former Hellinikon airport and the coastal front by Lamda Development.

According to information material, this is the largest construction site ever set up in our country, which already employs hundreds of people, using the latest technology machinery, cranes and construction vehicles. Following the large-scale demolition in recent months, three more large buildings on Poseidon Avenue have begun to be demolished. These are the fencing courts, basketball as well as the intermediate building that connects them. These buildings housed the technical services of the former Olympic Air Force and were rebuilt in 2004 to host the Olympic fencing and basketball competitions. The construction site in Poseidon is one of the many that have already started and are working at an intense pace in the area. In the area of ​​Vouliagmeni Avenue, the excavations for the new state-of-the-art building for the disabled have already been completed, which will start to be erected immediately.

Also, according to the information, drillings for various reasons (environmental, geotechnical, etc.) are in progress throughout the project. At the same time, due to the fact that the property was a military airport during the Second World War, in cooperation with the competent state services, preliminary investigations are being carried out for any remaining military materials.

As recently announced, investments in infrastructure projects in the first phase will approach 500m euros over the next five years. A significant part of them is expected to be auctioned in November, with the aim of awarding the contracts in the first quarter of 2022. These are the projects related to road networks, including the undergrounding of Poseidonos Avenue, the renovation of the coastal front, flood protection. in the telecommunication networks, as well as in other projects that will facilitate the progress of the regeneration project in Elliniko. New project auctions will be announced very soon and large construction companies will be invited to participate in the relevant tenders.

At the same time, the implementation of the other renovation projects of the first five years is in progress: the upgrade of the Marina and the beach of Agios Kosmas, the Marina Tower, the Marina Galleria, the seaside settlement of houses and complexes in front of the park, the Tower that will It houses a hotel and offices on Vouliagmeni, as well as the shopping complex.

In the initial planning for the first phase of the renovation project in Elliniko, the goal was set, among other things, the construction of about 800 houses that include apartments in the residential skyscraper Marina Tower, but also a small number of luxury homes by the sea. Due to the very high demand that was recorded, it is now planned to build about 1,200 additional houses in the first five years.

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