Elliniko: The largest interactive model in Greece shows the course of regeneration

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The largest interactive model ever built in Greece is illuminated in yellow and reveals exactly those points from projects that will be fully completed by 2025 in the context of the largest urban regeneration that is in full swing in Elliniko.

We are located as announced in the largest and most technologically advanced visitor center of its kind in the world, the Experience Center, which is open to the public and is housed in one of the three hangars of the Air Force, which have been designated as Newer Monuments by the ministry Culture.

Its goal, as reported by Lamda Development, through the five thematic zones with more than 22 experiential exhibits, to present to the general public for the first time both the history of the region and the future as it has already begun to be created, when from Last December, the first part of the Metropolitan Park, the Experience Park, started operating.

Lamda: The five-year projects are proceeding according to the original design

In the illuminated yellow part of the model of 45 sq.m. which is made of 25,000 pieces, with a scale of 1/625, ie the buildings are 625 times larger than they are imprinted, the visitor distinguishes the landmarks of the work of Elliniko that will be completed by 2025. Among other things, the Metropolitan Park, the 3.5 km of coastline, the bike lanes, the first “green” skyscraper in Agios Kosmas, which will be the tallest building in the Mediterranean, the shopping malls, the Marina and the five-star hotels. He also distinguishes undergrounding of Poseidon.

“Despite the new challenges that have arisen, everything is proceeding according to plan. The infrastructure projects of the first phase of Elliniko, with a total budget of 250-300 million euros (out of a total of 500 million euros), start directly from the contractor who has The first excavations for the construction of the Marina Residential Tower project will begin in October, following a tender, which will be preceded by the construction of an international model building. which will house 4 associations for the disabled and will be delivered in 2023, with the construction costs to be borne entirely by Lamda Development “, said among others the CEO of Lamda Development Odysseas Athanassiou, as part of a tour of the Visitor Center.

However, along with Odysseas Athanassiou and high-ranking Lamda executives, there were other even younger members of this specific working group that within just 12 months transformed the abandoned Hangar C of the Air Force and gave it life. Talking to them, we find that most of them are young men and women who have returned to our country, leaving behind their careers, which they had started in foreign countries. Proving in this way that when jobs are created with prospects for development, with vision and satisfactory earnings, the bet of brain gain can be won. Young people with various specialties, such as architects and civil engineers who -as Lamda mentions- giving due attention and care integrated in the company’s potential, managed and brought to life the historical past of the region and connected it with the future that is being created.

In the model, the visitors, as it was pointed out, can also distinguish the “green areas” of Elliniko and specifically the comparison of Elliniko Park with other Parks in the world. Hellinikon Park will be larger than Hyde Park in London and 14 times larger than the National Garden and will be the first “smart” park in Greece with seamless connectivity, AR (augmented real first) navigation applications, smart mobility infrastructure and smart energy and water management systems.

Upstairs guests will find themselves in one of The Ellinikon’s modern “smart” homes, where all the devices are connected to the Internet of Things and have sensors that can be adjusted remotely. They save energy, offer security and show how the new homes are. We are interactively located in one of the 200 apartments of the Green Skyscraper and specifically on the balcony of an apartment on the 25th floor with unobstructed sea views.

But what are the developments in this field?

Mr. Athanassiou reiterated that the demand for housing renovations in the first five years exceeded initial expectations, with the result that pre-sales bring significant capital to the company. The consortium of Intrakat – Bouygues Batiment International (which has built more than 80 skyscrapers internationally) and Intakat which has been selected as a consultant, providing pre-construction consulting services regarding planning, scheduling, supply chain and construction management of the project in the form of Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) for the construction of this Tower, has taken action.

Transport network – Circular economy

Some other elements that are interesting and announced: the transport network of Elliniko will connect everything in 15 minutes, the bioclimatic architecture characterizes the construction of all the buildings, the restoration of the streams is done with the development of a “smart” monitoring system, thus protecting from floods. Respect for the circular economy is paramount.

All the materials of the dozens of buildings that have already been demolished since last July and could be recycled, have been used and will be used for new constructions within the site. This avoids, among other things, the traffic congestion that would have to be transported by large trucks outside the regeneration area.

According to the young people who returned home from abroad and are daily at the construction sites and offices of Elliniko, along with the rest of the employees who are gradually multiplying, the time-consuming, demanding and critical first phase of studies, preparation and announcement of competitions has already taken place. of. The contractors are selected, the works start and space now begins to take shape. The first deliveries of parts of the project, such as part of the Park and the Visitor Center are a fact, they report.

Source: AMPE


Source: Capital

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