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Elodie: «I am proud of my fragility»

The seventy-third edition of the Sanremo Festival is just a few days away and Elodie is back in the race with Two, a song designed for the radio that talks about love, like almost all the songs on his new album Okay breathe, out February 10. «I can talk about independence through love stories, I’m obsessed with relationships, it’s my main topic but I always try to put my point of view into it», she says in the meeting dedicated to the press to talk about the great news that dot her career, which in recent years has confirmed her as one of the most independent women on the Italian music scene. In addition to the disc, the docu series is on the way I still feel dizzy, in three episodes on Prime Video from February 20. And he announces his first concert at the Assago Forum for 12 May «It will be a show never seen before». Songs, images, stories, Elodie’s story focuses on the success that always meets her fragility. «I always try to be as sincere as possible, you can see all my sides and the difficulty with which I face the work that is my life, which is what gave me meaning».

Today a 32-year-old woman, she is aware of her beauty, external but above all internal, and of her strength which however still collides with a sense of inadequacy with which she struggles every day. In these seven years of career you have lived many lives, from your participation in ad Friends in 2015, the first Sanremo in 2017, which was followed by a stylistic and image change that led it to dominate the radios, the second Sanremo in 2020 with Andromeda to consecrate it, the victory a Celebrity Hunted in 2021, up to the role of actress in the film I eat your heart. In the middle love, from the story with Marracash, which returns between the words of his songs (not to be missed Apocalypse) to the new relationship with Andrea Iannone. We met her close to the event for a heart-to-heart chat about all that has been and will come.

The disc
“We’ve been working on it for two years. I had the great fortune of being able to collaborate with a group of artists with whom I have an important relationship, from Dardust to Mahmood to Federica Abbate, Elisa, Davide Petrella, all people who have built my path. I managed to tell myself, to collaborate for the first time in the writing, to bring my desire into the songs. It is difficult for interpreters to get their vision across. It has everything in it, from my belly singing to the double bass drum. I hope you feel it’s the most focused record I’ve made so far.”

«A record written by myself scares me. Maybe one day I’ll pluck up the courage and do it. But what if the songs are bad and I don’t notice it?»

«It is the song that I chose for Sanremo. It was a love and hate. I fell in love at first listen. Federica Abbate is the pen, we were in a similar moment in life. I always cling to coincidences, I heard it was a hit but found it very difficult to sing it. She made me mad at myself, she didn’t make me feel good enough. And then I had the satisfaction of being able to do it. It helps me to tell about myself, to tell about a relationship that ended badly, which has a view on the outside that is very different from the inside. I hope to do a good performance».

The evening of duets
«America Woman it was the first idea. We took a huge ride to get back to that song. I wanted to bring different colors to the stage than what I’ve sung at other times. In my way of life I have a rock vein. I wanted Big Moms with me because we are two women, of two different ages, with two different ways of living our femininity, but… with the same face like butt. What I love about her is that she’s proud of who she is. It’s a piece of female empowerment. There will be her bars in Italian, she enters and talks about herself, as if she were more valuable than the others. She is very cheeky.’

One like a hundred
«It is one of the latest pieces, born a year and a half ago in Tuscany with Mahmood. Almost the entire album is from those ten days we spent together. And it’s one of my favourites. I am a fragile woman but at the same time proud of my fragility. I tell my fears with a lot of honesty but also firmness. I hope I’m not like many.”

“It’s the second ballad on the record. He talks about my last relationship very bluntly. It was a very complex relationship, this record helped me metabolize itunderstand it and give it the place it deserves».

Love now
«I am very happy but the most important thing is that I understood what I don’t want, how I don’t want to feel. Metaphorically speaking, I don’t want to ‘defend myself’ at home, that must be the safe haven. You need respect for the other person’s identity, love comes from there».

The first Forum
«I’ve been waiting for this Forum for a long time, I’ll try to tell all these seven years, including the moment of the show that took place in Sanremo two years ago with the medley, also finding more intimate moments. I have had a dream since I was little, I want to bring a show, in my way of communicating. There will be dancers, with moments where I won’t be the only one at the center of the show. I would like two hours of continuous input. There will certainly be guests».

«Today I can speak for women, I am proud and proud of it. I have always had a love for women and I try to be able to tell them from a different point of view. I would like to be the spokesperson for those who follow me».

The women in his life
“Like everyone when they are teenagers, I have had difficulty with the adults in my world. You wish they were superheroes. I had a love and hate relationship with both my mother and my grandmother. Now I love my mother, that if I think about it I almost feel like crying. I think of her as a wildflower, with a fragility that needs to be protected. As a child I needed it, now I’m a woman and she no longer has to take care of me. I just want to see her happy. I thank her every day. Being able to be successful is also thanks to her who brought me into the world».

The turning points
“If I hadn’t Friends it would have been difficult to emerge as a performer. He gave me the option to take the mic off the stand. I was born cheeky, but with an incredible shyness. Even the first Sanremo was a turning point. When I realized that that road was closed, that there were already strong performers, that first quality pieces would never reach me, I had to change. I got scared, I knew I had to do something else. But I had courage, and even though I moved awkwardly, I listened to my stomach. I always observe everything that happens around me. I was afraid of disappearing. I changed and it was a turning point because they noticed me more. Even if it’s beautiful in the bedroom, no one judges you ».

The image on the cover of the disc and the series
«I believe that you can use beauty as you want, it’s the way you express yourself, what is beautiful to me may seem ugly to others. The choice of runny makeup is to appear more fragile. It has always been a problem for me, even in my daily life, to deal with abusive situations. We can argue, but I won’t let you cross that line, it’s my strength. But I have discomfort, it can also be seen in the way I move and walk. My strength is in accepting that discomfort and the abuse. I don’t want to discredit beauty but get rid of it and tell it in another way. Beauty can be there even where it isn’t. Everyone has a crack, if you get into my crack I become a mess. I still have to defend myself, that they manage to make me feel wrong».

A few days in Sanremo
“I feel like Dr Jeckill and Mr Hyde. One moment I’m serene, after two minutes I would like to smash my head against a corner so as not to feel the torture, the next day I feel strong again, I go and smash everything, and then two hours later I think I’m falling down the stairs. I really want to do Sanremo, with no expectations other than being a woman, with cazzimma. I want to sound really convinced of what I’m doing. It’s three minutes and twenty, there must be nothing else in that moment, no distractions. I have to be able to do that.”

Friendship with Elisa
«The first meeting was at Friends. Elisa doesn’t talk much, but she read an uneasiness in me, she saw in me something that humanly she too had when she was young. I welcomed this approach of hers. It was gradual and now, after a few years, we have the freedom not to have to tell each other. Each of us knows. It is an immense pride to work with her, I think she is truly the most complete and evolved artist we have. She’s an elf, she’s not human. She is not afraid to confront. I’m lucky”.

The fear of judgement
«I am aware of my limits. I went to therapy several times for this very reason. But being aware and solving problems are two different things. I’m fine like this, but if my character becomes a limit I will fight with myself. I’m aggressive because I’m small, those who are afraid and those who have to defend themselves get angry. People who are serene and convinced of who they are don’t get angry. I have a little girl inside me that I protect and I will continue to do so because she didn’t grow up right and you can’t change that. I can only give her the tools to live well, slowly, day by day, respecting her. Of course I make it fun”

The cinema
«New proposals have arrived but at this moment I have decided to keep everything on standby until after the summer. It’s a powerful experience, he’ll want to do it again, but I don’t want to make commitments that I don’t know how to fit yet. I like to do things step by step».

Zelensky in San Remo
«The Festival has always been a political container too, I think it is right that we talk about this too».

The future
“I want to take it all. I dare, I feel great, but at the same time I don’t care. I will never let opportunities slip away, because I don’t want regrets»

Source: Vanity Fair

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