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Elodie took it all

There are those who never get used to winning even when they should. Elodies he is one of these and to prove it, it is enough to retrace the artist’s last week. We saw her last Wednesday at the David di Donatello, her first nomination which in 2022 also made her debut where she would never have thought: at the cinema. A tough movie I eat your heart with passage to the Venice Film Festival, and which has now seen it win for Best Original Song (Bullets). In Rome Elodie, hearing her name, looked in disbelief at the camera and her colleague, co-interpreter Joan Thiele. “I am really very very excited. I didn’t expect it, but why I never win» he said later with the statuette in his hands. She didn’t know yet that she would be proved wrong after a while.

The encore arrived on Friday evening. Another great victory, another incredulous look. Not on stage, though. Elodie brought home her first Assago Forum (sold out really) and it was an incredible show. Everyone agrees, critics, fans and even social networks. Elodie put her head and heart. Dancers, music, incredible looks and above all a lot of care and dedication. Some have seen Dua Lipa, some Queen Beyonce, and some a mix between Loredana Bertè and Raffaella Carrà. All true. Another milestone: it was the first Amazon Music Live produced in Italy which was also streamed live in over 240 countries.

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When Elodie started it was 2015, he was 24 years old, and aimed at the evening of Friends. Then came Sanremo, Andromeda, The Bath at Midnight, the partnership (not only artistic) with Marrakech. But the most important year of him is this. To rewind it: September 2022 the film in Venice; February 2023 the return – when he grew up – to Sanremo with Twoand then his first series, I still feel dizzy. And still two billion total streams, 500 million streams for the album Okay. Breathe, 26 platinum discs. Serenity is also in the house, with Andrea Iannone, but away from gossip and statements. What they want they tell themselves, via Instagram, or even better they let the photos do the talking together.

And now Elodie does not stop, rightly so. Three other major shows are already scheduled for next autumn (always for Vivo Concerti): Milan, Naples, Rome. Meanwhile, on the David stage and on the Forum stage, the Roman singer left little room for words. Because certain goals cannot be explained and Elodie’s is a journey. Last February, the singer talked about fear of never being enough. To deal with it, every day. «Now I am aware of my limits, this is my strength», she said, «I have been to therapy several times to understand that inside me there is still a child that I protect and that I will continue to protect because she has not grown up in the right way. Every day I give her the tools to understand each other and to understand. I respect her, but I also know how to entertain her ». We have seen it well.

Also February 2023: “I want to take it all.”

It happened: Elodie took everything.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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