Elon Musk again tries to influence the price of bitcoin

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Elon Musk provoked a new decline in the bitcoin rate tonight by posting a meme on Twitter with the words of Linkin Park’s song “In the End”.


“She: I know I said it would be over between us if you quote another Linkin Park song, but I found another. He: So in the end it didn’t even matter? ” – says the image.


Musk accompanied the message with the tag “#Bitcoin” and emoji with a broken heart. The cryptocurrency reacted to his words by declining more than $ 1,000 within an hour and falling again at the time of publication.

In May, Musk backed the idea that Tesla could sell bitcoins over criticism of its decision to stop accepting cryptocurrency. Subsequently, he clarified that the company has not yet sold anything, excluding transactions in the first quarter.

Dogecoin co-creator Billy Marcus commented on Musk’s post with the words from the same song: “Elon … I trust you.” To this, Musk responded with another meme that did not have a negative connotation, but after his message, DOGE also immediately began to decline.

Earlier this week, Tesla’s CEO prompted a rally in Samsung Publishing Co., which owns the second largest stake in SmartStudy Co., which released a viral YouTube video for the children’s song “Baby Shark”. The Korean company rallied 10% after Musk wrote:


“Baby Shark is tearing everyone up! More views than people. ”


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