Elon Musk: Hammering Twitter’s Sculptures and Espresso Machines to Save Money

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THE Elon Musk continues the policy of saving money from the moment he bought it Twitterso he decided to auction off company heirlooms and artifacts, such as sculptures and espresso machines.

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In accordance with bbc.coma giant “@” with flower pots fetched $4,300, while a sculpture of the company’s blue bird, the symbol, fetched $11,000.

In fact, he decided to hammer printing machines, sofas, and even office cupboards.

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Also, employees report that they now work “on top of each other,” whereas they have no toilet paper in the toilet and are forced to bring their own from home.

It is noted that, among other cuts, Elon Musk decided to close one of the two offices in New York. At the same time, he has laid off almost all of the cleaning staff, with the few remaining employees going on strike.

Source: News Beast

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