Elon Musk: Has sold more than $ 15 billion in Tesla shares to date

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Elon Musk sold more Tesla shares on Wednesday, bringing the total value of the shares he has sold to more than $ 15 billion since the billionaire began a series of such transactions last month, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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Musk exercised more than 2.1 million Tesla options, according to documents filed late Wednesday. Musk sold more than 934,000 of Tesla shares, valued at about $ 928.6 million, to cover tax deductions, according to the documents.

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The latest trades are part of a plan put forward by Musk on September 14 for the exercise of options and the sale of shares. His options are part of a tranche of approximately 23 million patents that will expire in August 2022. He has exercised approximately 21.3 million of these.

Musk said on Twitter on Wednesday before the files were released: “There is still a small part of the share left, but I’m almost done.”


Source From: Capital

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