Elon Musk: His ‘interest’ in buying Manchester United lasted only a few hours

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Elon Musk’s interest in Manchester United did not last long, after he made it clear that he is not interested in buying the Premier League team.

It all started… as usual: with a tweet. “To be clear, I support the left wing of the Republican party and the right wing of the Democrats,” Elon Musk wrote and followed up with the bombshell statement that “I’m also buying Manchester United, please.”

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A frenzy was immediately caused in the ranks of the “Red Devils” fans and not only. After repeated questions to Musk if it is true that he will proceed with this move, he finally clarified that he was joking about the purchase of Manchester United.

“No, it’s an old Twitter joke, I don’t buy any teams,” he wrote.

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Source: Capital

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