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Elon Musk is afraid of artificial intelligence

During the VivaTech 2024 conference in Paris, billionaire Elon Musk admitted that the development of artificial intelligence could deprive humanity of the need to work. Writes about this Daily Mail.

“If you want to do a job that's like a hobby, you can do it. But otherwise, AI and robots will provide any goods and services you want,” he said.

Musk stressed that “neither of us will probably have a job.” To implement such a scenario, a “universal high income” will be needed. The concept envisions reducing the cost of human labor through AI, making basic needs accessible to everyone.

According to the billionaire, in the future humanity will not have a shortage of goods or services. Musk emphasized that while his greatest hope is Mars, his greatest fear is artificial intelligence.

The entrepreneur referred to the series of science fiction works “Culture” by Scottish writer Iain Banks, which, in his opinion, represents the most realistic forecast of the future of AI.

Musk questioned whether people would be satisfied with life without a job or career, and recommended that parents limit the amount of time their children spend on social media.

“The question will really make sense: if computers and robots can do everything better than you, does your life have meaning? I think perhaps the role of humans will continue to be to give meaning to AI,” he said.

Previously, a study by staffing company Adecco Group found that AI will lead to a decline in hiring over the next five years. According to a PwC survey in January, about 25% of CEOs worldwide are preparing to downsize after introducing neural networks into their work processes.

In 2023, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates predicted the “death” of Google and Amazon as a result of the development of AI, as well as the reduction of the work week to three days thanks to technology.

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