ELPE: Action Sponsor of the Commission ‘GREECE 2021’ for the documentary series ‘Greeks, Citizens of the World’

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THE HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, supports its work Of the Commission “Greece 2021” and stands helper at National Program of Actions and Events that he has drawn up for the 200 years after the Revolution, as sponsor of the original documentary series with Title: “Greeks, Citizens of the World“.

This new production has as protagonists distinguished Greeks who create, offer and excel abroad, leaving their mark on the political, social, cultural and economic development of each host country, while at the same time sharing thoughts and envision ways in which dispersion will contribute on the next, ambitious page that Hellenism can write.

The project “Greeks, Citizens of the World” bears their stamp creators Marianna Skylakaki and Sylvia Klimaki, while the direction has been undertaken by Angelos Tsaousis. The series presents Greek cosmopolitans who honored Greece in the places where they studied and lived, people who returned grafting the country with new experiences, ideas and opportunities, but also our compatriots who still live abroad, but continue to invest in their homeland. In total they will be shown 8 documentaries, lasting 30 ‘each, which hosts: Kimon Angelidis, Costas Grammenos, Maria Demertzi, Eliza Konofagou, Michalis Bletsas, Eleftheria Deko, Nikos Stathopoulos and Martha Tsigari.

“With firm support to Culture, as a key pillar of the Group’s corporate responsibility strategy, the Greek petroleum embrace every action of a national character that aims at the promotion of the Greek history and the promotion of our cultural heritage “, pointed out in her statements the Corporate Responsibility Manager of ELPE Group Ms. Georgia Lasanianou, adding: “For the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Revolution of ’21, we work closely with the committee “GREECE 2021” and through the sponsorship of the action for the creation of the documentary series “Greeks, Citizens of the World”, which we singled out and chose, We wanted to give voice to true stories that promote Hellenism, as a living, broad and dynamic concept. “These personal narratives confirm our unwavering belief that the potential of the Greeks and this place for progress is inexhaustible.”

THE show “Greek Citizens of the World” He made premiere on Saturday November 20, at 16:00 on ANT1, while it will be displayed every Saturday and Sunday at the same time.


Source From: Capital

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