ELPE: The first Greek company in the International Alliance ‘eFuel Alliance’

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Hellenic Petroleum is part of the “eFuel Alliance” and becomes the first Greek company and the only Group from our country that participates in an international Agency for the promotion and development of synthetic fuels, as part of the energy transition of the industry and its vision for the future.

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The members of the “eFuel Alliance” initiative are committed to the development and promotion of global industrial production of renewable fuels, such as synthetic fuels produced from water, carbon dioxide and renewable electricity, as well as their widespread use in The aim of this initiative is to make more widely known the role and decisive contribution that liquid fuels can make to transport carbonation, climate neutrality and sustainable climate protection, provided that this technology is supported by the appropriate institutional framework, as is the case with other similar emission reduction technologies.

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Together with the ELPE Group, the Alliance for Synthetic Fuels includes more than 155 companies, innovative start-ups, industry associations, representatives of the academic community and social partners from Europe and around the world, covering a wide range of the automotive energy sector. , the aerospace and shipping industries, fuel producers, the chemical industry and consumers.

On behalf of the Management of HELLENIC PETROLEUM Group, Mr. George Alexopoulos, General Manager of Strategic Planning and New Activities and Executive Member of the Board, noted: “Our participation in the” eFuel Alliance “signals our “neutral in e-fuel and hydrogen emissions, can be effective in reducing emissions, especially in the critical transport sector, while continuing to provide electricity”.

At the first General Assembly of the “eFuel Alliance” held a few days ago, Ms. Liana Gouta, Director of Energy Policy and International Relations of the ELPE Group, was elected a member of the Board of Directors, who stated: “Our active participation stems from the stable The Group’s commitment to pioneering and innovation, with a view to the future. Zero carbon footprint renewable fuels, such as synthetic fuels (eFuels) produced from water and CO2 and renewable electricity, are part of the solution to carbonizing the economy, especially in the ‘difficult’ sectors of aviation, shipping, heavy road transport and industry. That is why they must play a central role in European and national energy and climate planning, and support for their large-scale development must start today. ”


Source From: Capital

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