The Chairman of the Bank of Russia stated that the digital financial assets (DFAs) market needs measures to solve the problem of liquidity saturation. That is, investors’ money.

Speaking at a press conference after the decision on the key rate, the head of the Central Bank said that it is necessary to ensure that liquidity flows between different sectors of the market and within the DFA segment.

“The market for digital financial assets is highly fragmented. You can buy an asset on one of the platforms, but it will not be sold on others.”

It is important that digital financial assets can be purchased “through one window,” regardless of which platform the asset is issued on, says Elvira Nabiullina. The Bank of Russia is currently discussing with market participants how to provide broker clients with the opportunity to purchase DFAs through mobile applications.

The State Duma, says the head of the Central Bank, is already considering a bill that will allow brokers and other market representatives to delegate the identification of clients working with digital financial assets.

Earlier, Olga Shishlyannikova, director of the department of investment financial intermediaries of the Bank of Russia, said that the Central Bank supports the emergence of digital financial assets in the trust capital management market.