Elza Soares used her voice to speak about hunger, racism and violence

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The loss of Elza Soares is huge for Brazilian music. And it takes place on the day of the patron saint of the city of Rio de Janeiro, São Sebastião, and on the same day of the death of Garrincha, who died on January 20, 1983.

It is a death with many symbolisms and a moment to revere this great interpreter.

Elza was discovered in a freshman program in the 1960s, led by composer Ary Barroso. She was just 13 years old and was criticized for the way she was dressed. “What planet do you come from?” they asked. And she replied: “I come from the hungry planet”. On this day, she sang a song called Lama.

When she separated from player Garrincha, in the 1980s, she thought about abandoning her career. But a composition by Caetano Veloso, made especially for her, made the singer resume her trajectory.

Elza has always been close to the black movements, extolling her own blackness and its origins. In recent years, she has denounced violence against women, of which she herself was a victim.

More recently, it launched Planeta Hunger, in reference to its original story. Elza had an anti-racist stance, fighting for gender equality.

Check out the Leandro Resende’s full review in the video above.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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