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Ema Stokholma: “Let me be the new Amanda Lear, but with pink hair”

And did you understand your mother then?
“I understood it when I had my first suffering of love, at that moment I thought” damn if I had two children now I don’t know how I would do it, because at this moment I wouldn’t want to talk to anyone “you have to have empathy, and that yes learn while growing up ».

Do you have a family of your own now?
“I have tested several people over the years, some have remained like Andrea Delogu, we are different, but she is always there, she is my family, she stimulates me, having friends leads you to improve yourself as a person, because you have to be honest and ready to confrontation to have friends “

Instead she who is tireless, where do you want to go?
“How many things did Amanda Lear do?” Why can’t I be like Amanda Lear? Now the Radio 2 summer program begins happy family where I get involved completely, leaving my musical comfort zone, I change everything and I focus on entertainment, I like to experiment, it is my method, doing things, trying to understand if I can do them, I am learning to do the split think a little ‘.

Is this part of the change facing the urge to remove tattoos?
«Also, but I must say that it was a bit of a trend that got out of hand, then I am in eternal change and when I ask myself why I have done indelible things, the answer is I don’t know. I am also like this in love, it is difficult for me to be able to stay still and not always change, a piece of advice that I feel I can give to impulsive people like me, think carefully before making an indelible choice “.

And what about pink hair? What stage are we talking about?
“The girl phase! No kidding, changing my look is fun, then I have white hair and for sure the dark color has become a bondage, every two weeks I should do the regrowth which is equivalent to a nightmare, so I play the young and play a bit, for now I’m pink, then let’s see ».

What can he not give up?
“To remove my make-up, during the day, at night, always, is a gift that I give to myself, if it were for me I would always go around without make-up”.

Do you have a blanket from Linus that you can’t go out without?
“Perfume is very important to me, I always use three, four, different bottles, I mix them all, it is a ritual that I have always carried around and which I cannot do without”.

Source: Vanity Fair

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