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Emergency rooms have a wait of up to 2 hours due to Covid, says Sindhosp president

The rise in Covid-19 cases is already putting pressure on hospitals. According to the survey by the Union of Hospitals, Clinics and Laboratories of the State of São Paulo (Sindhosp), almost half of the private beds register occupancy of 81% to 100% of patients with Covid.

“It is not a comfortable situation”, according to the president of SindHosp, Francisco Balestrin, in an interview with CNN Radio .

“This number clearly indicates that we are having a new outbreak of Covid-19, probably due to the fact that we, at that moment, ended up letting our guards down, with large agglomerations and normal life”, he added.

Balestrin highlights that “today we have a wait of almost 2 hours in emergency rooms with suspected covid, the pressure is great, the increase in cases generates an increase in hospitalizations, whether in normal beds or in intensive care.”

At the same time, the doctor recalls that “with most of the population vaccinated, which is great, in the end we end up with a simpler form of the disease, more benign from the point of view of symptoms.”

This means, according to him, a shorter hospital stay, without the need for intubation.

The president of SindHosp also defended that the population seek vaccination, since it works like “a bullet vest”: “If you were hit by the disease, it will not be fatal”.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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