Emma and Alessandra Amoroso: “We have always believed in it completely”


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It is 2009 when Alessandra Amoroso runs to the center of the stage Friends of Maria De Filippi to embrace Emma Marrone, the winner of the ninth edition of the program. That’s where it all begins for both of us. One year after another the winners of the channel 5 talent, in these ten years they have followed each other from afar, crossed on their respective stages, supported in important moments, allied for common causes, from the fight against violence against women to the United Scene movement for entertainment workers.

Different, one smiling and explosive, the other reflexive and gritty, but also similar because they are united by their homeland (they are both Salento), sharing the same values ​​and the same passion for music.

In these ten years, each with its own path made of platinum discs and sold out tours, they have never left each other, always cheering for each other from a distance, in a relationship based on respect, demonstrating that affair makes it stronger and that female solidarity is not just a beautiful word. «We loved each other right away. It’s more tempting to have women pulling their hair, but that’s not the case here»Says Alessandra. “Not everyone likes to share. You can only do it when you are resolved with yourself, ”adds Emma.

Piece of heart is the unreleased track that sees them together for the first time and that it comes out on January 15th on radio and digitally and from January 29 on single. Written by Dario “Dardust” Faini and Davide Petrella, it plays on words of encounters and rebirth. “It’s a universal song, singing it together was easy. We recorded in the studio with emotion from both of us. Nobody knew it, we came hooded to keep it just for us. We gave each other advice, in a natural way. It is not obvious that two artists in front of a microphone are able to show all their fragility. We must not hide between us»Says Emma. A secret for everyone, even for their respective record companies. The idea comes from Emma: «I got up one morning while I was in Milan for X Factor e I wrote to Dario Faini, I needed a song for the two of us. I felt restless, I wanted to restart 2021 with healthy optimism. It was an instinctive choice ». Impossible to say no for Alessandra: «Emma arrived at the right moment of my life. I’m really happy”.

Thus was born the dialogue between the two voices that alternate in perfect balance and the sound that wants to reach the belly, letting you imagine a stage in which to sing it, or rather shout it, live. “I learned to love”, closes the passage. Who? They themselves. Who have grown, matured, comfortable with who they are and aware of their talent and for this reason finally ready to sing together in a duet that sounds sincere, in times of feat created at the table to increase the streaming. Because here the harmony of two women is evident who remain accomplices and amused during the presentations to the press (and just look at how they look at each other in our video to understand it), but at the same time they pull out their teeth and know how to defend themselves, if attacked. Because now they know what they want and how much they are worth and the times when they still had everything to prove, even in terms of numbers, are long gone. “The talk is zero, we have brought facts»Says Alessandra backed by Emma. «I started in the underground circles long before the talent, I walked around with my face painted white, if I had done this thing right now I would have been cool. We have witnessed a parable of a musical world and music right now is a strange world. I see artists who do a lot of platinums but few concerts. But I don’t look to others. I pay my life with this job and I’m proud of it. We have always believed in it and the press has always had a magnifying glass on us. Sun against everyone, as if we had to apologize for what we have achieved. But we are here. Women, friends, artists. And this is the story of this songe».

In a difficult year for everyone they have faced personal difficulties and now they sing the desire to start again from here, from this song that becomes the beginning of something new, in the hardest year for music, with the certainty of returning on tour as soon as possible, by any means possible «I will leave again, even if I had to give up the sports halls. I want to go back to work and have those who work with me work, ”says Emma. And Alessandra is invited on any date she wants.

Yet it is still early to really think about the future and so we start from here, from this song that fans are clamoring to see played at the Sanremo Festival. It would have been nice in the race “But when we recorded it the names were already out”, we’ll see if they will satisfy them as super guests or even alongside Amadeus: “If they call us the answer will obviously be yes».

Here’s what they told us in the exclusive video interview.

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