Emma: “In life I am this”

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The threat of rain from the morning to the afternoon and compulsively watching the forecasts. It must not rain, not today. It’s been a long time since Emma Marrone wait for this concert, postponed more than a year ago, when everything was ready to celebrate, right at the Verona Arena and then in the sports halls throughout Italy, the ten-year career. With the pride of having wanted to give up the opulence of a tour in the palaces, in order to be able to start again, Emma starts right from there, with a tour strongly desired not so much for that celebration, which is in any case at the center, but for her workers in the show that finally find their profession.

The atmosphere between the corridors of the Roman amphitheater is a happy one. You look at each other as if everything is returning to its place. And finally, at 9pm, when the rain goes away, the show can begin.

Excited, but in top form, the artist from Aradeo takes the elegant stage in green and purple. Wear exclusively Gucci garments and accessories from the latest collections designed by the Creative Director Alessandro Michele and starts from With the clouds, on which the audience responds immediately. There is a clear desire to sing at the top of your voice inside the masks, in that audience colored with raincoats, and to be there, in the first pop concert of the season. And Emma gives everything, in a show with a very simple scenography (there are only two maxi screens on which few writings appear) but full of care, from the choreography of the five dancers on stage with her, designed by Macia Del Prete, to the lights that illuminate the stage.

One song after another, Emma retraces her story. Ten years of songs in a balanced lineup that never lowers the attention and that moves between his seven albums, also anticipating the eighth, arriving on June 25th. It will be called Best of me, the best of me, to complete this celebration. He sings his biggest hits, from Heat a love me, gives I forget everything a Blue lights, and the most important songs for her that have marked her career, from Love is not enough a Fortuna, which gives its name to this tour, passing through It’s not hell and that victory at the Sanremo Festival in 2012.

«In the end we made itHe tells his audience. “This year the concerts have an even stronger flavor. We come from a catastrophic time. Someone got better, some got worse. I recognize the faces of those who have followed me from the first day but I am happy to see new people ». She is grateful to those who were able to come, but she cares that her music and her live are for everyone. For this on June 15th most of the show will be available for free on the ITsART platform. Free, to allow anyone who has not been able to participate, to party with her. “It seemed only right to make it free, especially in this period,” he said in the press conference before the zero date of June 3 in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

She is not someone who makes a lot of fuss, her audience knows it. But she says “I love you” and in several moments she leaves the microphone to those who are there to sing with her, to look at them with eyes full of emotion. As always, he does not send them to say «Vwishes to surround you with people who make you feel free and sorry for all those guys surrounded by bad, frustrated, damn useless people»He tells them. Because Emma is like that. There is music, always in the first place, but there is also her voice, which she lends to the messages that are important to her. Equality, racism, the rights of the weakest, fatigue. The one that she knows well and that still weighs on her, as if she always had to prove something more than others, as if she was always afraid of being misunderstood. Which is what happens all too often. “There are those who, every day, like gazelles wake up and go to social media and break my balls. But now I promise myself and the people who follow me that from now on my music will be the only thought I will have in my head and that I am this in life.».

She dedicates the whole concert not to herself or to her party, but to Michele Merlo, the singer of Amici hospitalized for two days. Thoughts go to him, even when he sings I hold my breath. Because she never leaves anyone behind. And important people are never forgotten. It comes like this too the homage to the master Franco Battiato, when with Dardust, guest on stage, he sings The old lovers song: “He was a great friend of mine and he taught me a lot,” he says.

Acoustic moments, rhythmic moments, she too dances in several songs, while the five-piece band accompanies her: Lucio Enrico Fasino on bass, Federica Ferracuti for keyboards and synt guitars, Dj Zak, Raffaele RUFIO Littorio on guitars and Jacopo Volpe on drums.

And then the guests. Alessandra Amoroso, to duet in Piece of heart, which excites her “I could not help but celebrate these ten years of career with a person who has been there since the beginning and who, like me, has always had to do a lot of things”. IS Loredana Berté “My rock mom.”

Three changes of clothes, her family watching her. “Thanks to my family who made me free, shameless, cheeky, but never rude“. Emma knows who she is, what she wants and who she has to thank. But we are the ones to say thank you tonight, who saw the music start again.

The concert lineup

Intro – With CloudsMedley (of the Besides, 2010) Really, Wonderful, Cradle Me – Heat – I’ll Be Free – It’s Not Hell – I Was Looking For Love – Love Is Not Enough – Forget Everything – Medley (from Back, 2013) Back, Stay a little longer, I hold my breath, In every corner of me – My City – Love me – Deep Eyes – Heaven does not Exist – You speak softly – Medley (from Be Here, 2018) – The island, Domino effect – Medley (from Fortuna, 2019) Just you, Run, Alibi, Blue Lights – Piece of Heart (together with Alessandra Amoroso), Stupid Joy – When love ends, What an incredible dream (together with Loredana Bertè) – I am Bella – LatinaFortuna

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