Emma Marrone, in Gucci in Sanremo: “The dress brought out the real Emma”

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Free to express themselves, to talk about themselves and to fight forever, Emma Marrone is one of the most loved Italian singer-songwriters and able to reach the general public not only for her music, but for the harmonic principle that seems to indissolubly bind the his art with his person.
The rich emotional and narrative dimension that characterizes it has always been manifested in all authenticity and transparency, even in the most difficult periods: a capacity – and a strength – with which it has faced the Sanremo stage again this year, in this particularly shaky historical moment for everyone and, in particular, for artists and show business workers.

Her participation, in this context, takes on an even higher meaning, which Emma also wanted to convey through her image: on the occasion of the third evening of the Festival, the singer appeared in the spotlight together with Achille Lauro in a spectacular long dress silvered of Gucci, made exclusively for her, and entirely embroidered in silver beads with crystal drapery, worn over a nude tulle top with sequins. A creation that for her represented a beautiful communicative medium, starting from her true self, and of which she spoke to us while waiting for the fourth evening at the Ariston Theater.

Last night she appeared in a gorgeous Gucci dress made especially and tailored for her: how did this creation feel on stage?

“Honored and proud. As far as I am concerned, the Gucci dress I wore did not only represent the possibility of dressing an ad hoc creation, with all the holy trappings of haute couture and the style office, but of fully embracing Alessandro Michele’s vision. . A perspective on the world, and not just on fashion: he has this great ability to communicate universal messages through his art, tell stories, giving life to a small, great revolution in which many people have found themselves. It was a huge honor to be part of this world of his. “

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An approach, that of the creative director, who has made freedom and authenticity two of Gucci’s main keywords, which are particularly close to his values ​​as an artist.

«Of course, staying true to yourself is a very important principle in my work. But also attention to what happens in the world, following the evolution of what surrounds us without losing sight of one’s center, because the risk is to become weathervanes without an identity. Wearing a dress, as well as singing a song, or creating paintings as the immense Achille Lauro is doing, means telling a lot about yourself, but also staging something in which many have the opportunity to recognize themselves ».

To get to the Ariston Theater, she arrived last night with a camper (see the photos exclusively for us in the gallery). A singular experience, can you tell us about it?

«The intuition of the camper was an illumination of Alessandro Michele, because it was necessary to remain standing and, above all, I did not want the dress to get damaged. But tell the truth, I would have stayed up for another two days with that dress, I would have even gone to sleep! Because I felt beautiful and absolutely myself, despite wearing a unique and wonderful piece. It was like a second skin and it was really me: sure, in a new version, but it was me. I think that Alessandro Michele, with his great sensitivity, has read me inside, building this creation not to make me better or different, but to bring myself out. This allowed me to bring home a complicated performance, because the Sanremo stage always puts a certain pressure, but in that dress I felt that I could have been anywhere ».

What do fashion and style really represent for you in everyday life?

«In everyday life I love pretty basic items. I have a very pragmatic approach, but I also like to play with clothing and accessories: for me it’s like putting on a part of me every time, as if I went on stage even when I go out to dinner. I think there is a difference between fashion and style, and I prefer the latter. I like to be dressed by someone who has something to tell, and being able to choose it today makes me feel proud of myself: it is something that I have had to earn over the years, and I think that having never exaggerated and always used clothes as a narrative tool that it represented me, and not that it made me look different than I am, made a difference. Having a style for me means having a soul, and it’s nice that it coincides with what we really are inside, rather than outside ».

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What are the three items of clothing or accessories that are absolute must-haves for you?

«Definitely the leather jacket: I have a full wardrobe, because when I wear it I feel great. Jeans, and then very high shoes, because I love shoes but above all heels. For me they are the most important accessory in a look, and they have to represent me and be comfortable at the same time. And in this sense, I have always had a ritual: despite having the possibility to choose them on different occasions, proposed by designers, I always go to the store to buy them. When I have to do something really important, I go to buy them because they have to be my shoes, I see them as something intimate, a virgin accessory in a way, and it is essential that they really feel mine because, after all, the feet are the my base, what allows me to stand and walk ».

What do you expect from this Festival evening and from this edition?

«I think that being on the stage of Sanremo in such a critical and uncertain moment is already a great achievement. I expect an awakening, a rebirth for all those who work in the show business and for everyone in general, so I hope this edition is a time to reflect and understand that we have to start again and, above all, that we have to start somewhere. Regardless of the criticisms and controversies, which are almost “obligatory” every year, this year’s Festival is a great sign and behind there are many sacrifices, so I trust that it will be a good move to rekindle consciences ».

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