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Emoji, a new tool from Google allows you to create personalized ones

Emojis are now invading our chats, often even professional ones. And so welcome this news announced by Jennifer Danielhead of Android product design at Google and known as «the woman who invented emojis», through a post published onemoticon kitchen» lands on the web, also reaching computers and iOS devices.

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How to create new (and infinite) emojis

Emoji Kitchenin fact, is a tool offered free of charge by Google and now accessible through classic browsers to browse the Internet, which allows you to join two smileys creating a new one often unpublished and never seen before on the smartphone keyboard.

Using this tool is quite simple, in fact, just go to Google and to type emoji kitchen in the search bar. You will see a preview of the tool appear at the top of the search results, just do a click or tap on Start And choose the two emoji to combine: when finished, you can copy the generated figurine to paste it elsewhere or start creating a new one. If you are short of creativity, however, the tool allows you to create others completely random by selecting the function Randomize.

Ideal for creating hundreds of new and different emoticons, this tool however has some limitations: in fact, the emojis generated they cannot be used directly in chats as happens with the smileys officially recognized and standardized by the Unicode Consortium but it is possible to copy them and attach them in conversations like normal pictures.

Are you ready to churn out new emoji? Pop over to Google to start having fun.

Source: Vanity Fair

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